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BetterSleep: Sleep tracker
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BetterSleep Mod APK Tracker can be described as an app designed to help you get a restful and restful sleep. Numerous psychologists have suggested the importance of protecting your sleep. In our modern world sleeping is a crucial aspect to boost overall health and aid in having an improved mental state. This is why this app has offered and developed a number of useful features that meet the needs of every human need.

BetterSleep Mod APK v20.9.1 [Premium Unlocked] Download

If you’re looking for the most reliable sleep tracker which can keep your sleep patterns correctly, then check out the BetterSleep MOD APK. The original name for this application called Relax Melodies, now it was changed to this app. This application is available with more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. Download the latest MOD version of the application from the same site. Also, you can schedule the ideal time for your sleeping pattern by using this application. Before proceeding we will go over the basics of this application in order to gain more details about the application.

Best Sleep Tracker Ever of BetterSleep Mod APK

Keep track of your sleep, know the mechanisms behind it Let us come up with actionsable strategies to improve your sleep. Discover what science is behind your individual needs for sleep and find out your own personal chronotype. This will certainly assist you in achieving these things done correctly.

BetterSleep Mod APK v20.9.1 [Premium Unlocked] Download

Sounds And Music

Explore our extensive collection of over 300 relaxing beats, sounds, beats and tones specially designed by our experts in-house to help you sleep. Mix them up to create your personal soundscapes. Enjoy a sense of calm with these soundscapes. You can download additional songs and sounds from our store.

Best Bedtime Stories of BetterSleep Mod APK

Select from over 100 bedtime stories narrated by award-winning narrationists and specifically written to aid you in falling softly and effortlessly to sleep. This feature is more for the kids who love to to listen to different stories while they sleep. Also, experience our revolutionary Sleep Moves exercises, a series of gentle sleep techniques that we developed with experts in sleep to prepare your body and mind to sleep peacefully.

BetterSleep Mod APK v20.9.1 [Premium Unlocked] Download

Bedtime Reminder of BetterSleep Mod APK

Consistently sleeping times will lead to more relaxed sleep. The application will stop after a certain amount of time. Pick your most loved playlist to create the perfect playlist for sleep. Natural, seamless sound mixes that are free of distracting audio loops..and many more. We hope that you will enjoy using these features in this application.


With BetterSleep users can swiftly and easily get a restful night without having worrying about nightmares or having to wake up in the middle of the night. With the top-quality sounds that are available, users can be able to maintain a healthy sleep routine without creating drowsiness or mental disturbances. Everyone has their own style of sleeping and times, however you must know how to find the most optimal time for an uninterrupted sleep! Sleeping plans can be adapted and selected by you according to your mood and activities.


BetterSleep will provide you with the science behind sleep and assist you in expanding your understanding of the advantages of sleeping. A lot of people believe that sleep isn’t very vital in our lives. It is true that this is because of the inexperience and subjectiveness of many people however the reality is that sleep plays an enormous amount of our health.

BetterSleep Mod APK v20.9.1 [Premium Unlocked] Download

If you’re looking to enjoy an enjoyable and productive work day, you must be able to sleep well so that your energy will be upbeat and your brain will be sharp as well as flexible and able to focus. It could be said that the scientifically sound information that is contained in this app has helped them gain the ability to gain experience and get a good night’s rest.


With BetterSleep it will ensure that you aren’t in a position to sleep late since it will frequently remind you to sleep in time. If it’s time to go to sleep, an message is sent via mobile email, which makes it hard for you to miss it and not pay attention to it. This will eventually establish a routine of going to bed earlyand not staying up all night in the late at night. Thus, you’ll lower the likelihood of having headaches or sleep disorders and instead be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Making sure you get to bed at the right time has been suggested by a variety of psychologists and suggests people to make the habit a habit since it can help you to be more relaxed and a positive outlook the next day.


With BetterSleep Users can listen to and explore over 300 sounds with diverse timbres and rhythms. It is possible to listen to sounds of nature as you are asleep to aid in relaxing your mind and help you fall asleep more easily. These sounds could include the soft breeze from wind as well as the chirping of birds or the sound of a river. Furthermore, numerous other appealing sounds are waiting to be heard by you find. Pick a song that you find most appropriate and enjoyable for you to listen to before heading to sleep.

The importance of sleep deep of BetterSleep Mod APK

Sleep is a state of mind in that the body remains in a state of rest. When you sleep, your consciousness is temporarily delayed and muscles are completely relaxed. A good night’s sleep will allow you to get up each day filled with energy and awake when you wake up.

Based on the age and the location Each person will have needs that are different for varied amount of rest. In the average, an adult should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. The more you age, the less sleep you get to be. Sleep that is deep has to go through the four phases of the cycle, without being disrupted by any other factor.

It is possible to sleep enough, but do not sleep well but not enough, can cause you to feel tired or dizzy, with headaches heart palpitations, inability to concentrate.

To be healthy for long-term health and wellness it is essential to have a restful night’s rest.

The way to BetterSleep Mod APK

In the past, I did not think about the significance of this, so I was able to do whatever I wanted to do: play late at night games, or sleep all weekends… and didn’t realize it was a huge risk in my own health. As I age the more I be aware of my health and would like to make changes. Although, having been “haunted” by the habit of a couple of years ago, today it’s difficult to fall asleep at a regular time and get up early.

BetterSleep Mod APK v20.9.1 [Premium Unlocked] Download

If you’ve been all night for two weeks, you’ll be afflicted with dark circles under your eyes. Your face can become sluggish and your mind will be unable to stay alert. There are many effects.

So, I’m here today to talk to you about BetterSleep in order that anyone who isn’t aware, has the opportunity to download it and use it to combat insomnia.

BetterSleep will help you fall asleep

Are you aware of the reason, in earlier times, while a child was a toddler, his mother would soothe the baby to sleep? Because the lullaby was an enchanting melodic tune. It was just the sweet sound of rhyming rhymes and a voice that was that was so familiar it was simple to sleep. Adults who wish to sleep need something similarto an earphone.

The fundamental idea behind BetterSleep is to provide soft, soothing tunes that can soothe the user’s soul as well as their mind into a state of sleep. Once you’ve settled, you’ll relax naturally and in a peaceful manner. The songs in BetterSleep are derived from many ways.

You can mix your most loved sounds to make your own music or utilize the Mix tool in BetterSleep Choose an appropriate soundtrack and then add the one, melodious sound included from the application library, such that of rain falling winds blowing, waves breaking and flowing streams or singing birds or the sound of white sound… This is the unique sound of you.

The library of sounds in BetterSleep is one of the most extensive among the lulling apps I’ve come across. Audio is broken down into various categories, and there are plenty of options for each. For instance, the sounds of nature such as rustling leaves, wind bird calls, crackling flames White sound: hair dryer, plane vacuum cleaner, dryer fan noise Sound of water such as ocean, rainstorm, lapping waves, slow waves Meditation music: vocals and instruments, ambient music Isochronic brainwaves: 2.5Hz 4Hz, 5Hz 8Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz. Binaural beat 2.5Hz 4Hz 5Hz, 8Hz 10Hz 20Hz…

BetterSleep Mod APK features

BetterSleep comes with a very unique bedtime clock system. It’s as simple as setting the time based on your timetable. The application will shut down any sound on your phone, including notifications for messages, emails,incoming calls, etc. If everything is quiet and peaceful, the soothing sound emanating from the app will gradually induce you to doze off.

Guided meditation and sleep programs

BetterSleep includes meditation routines before sleep with clear instructions and background music that creates a soothing scene. It is a good idea to practice a few breathing exercises and a few scientific postures of meditation similar to this is also one way to help you get a deep and proper sleep. BetterSleep offers over 160 meditations specifically designed for those suffering from sleep issues by sleep experts.

The topics include the following: Sleeping well, Getting back to sleep (used when you wake up due to something unexpected and inability to go to sleep) The power of visualization, gratitude, Tinnitus Relief, Stress Anxiety Relief Straight Deep Sleep. Afternoon nap Dreamland…

BetterSleep is the sole app for sleep that has bedtime stories

Topics for bedtime stories within BetterSleep include Fairy stories, Mystery stories, Science fiction, Fantasy stories…

The topics include: Take some time out to reduce stress, clear your mind, sleepy…

Provide solutions and monitors to help you sleep better

BetterSleep comes with a built-in tool which measures the amount of time every user gets to sleeping.

You can play classical, meditate music, or even listen to fairy tales in order to get to sleep. As of now, the application offers hundreds of sounds, as well as 10 story genres to select from. Pick the most appropriate sound to sleep as quickly as you can.

See Also; Gardenscapes

Make a bedtime routine that is in accordance with the scientific guidelines

You just have to follow the prompts via the app to establish an appropriate sleep schedule.

Then, you’ll notice your mood becoming better and more peaceful the following day.

Discover a wide selection of sounds for your sleep

As we mentioned earlier, BetterSleep provides users with an array of different sleep sounds, including more than 300 distinct sounds. In addition, you could pick a charming story to read before going to bed. These can include stories about mythology as well as interesting animations and many more.

Minimalist interface, lots of functions

Similar to other apps for improving sleep, BetterSleep has a minimalistic interface, and comes with a number of advanced features. In addition, the colors used in the application are easily discernible and do not confuse users.

Download BetterSleep MOD APK for Android

If you are having trouble sleeping or not staying asleep, BetterSleep will be the ideal answer for your needs. The application offers its users amazing advantages, and also practical sleep techniques which can help you sleep soundly. If you’d like to it, you can install the MOD version from our site to get access to additional features.

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Download BetterSleep Mod APK v20.9.1 [Premium Unlocked] Download

Download (207M)

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