CCleaner – Phone Cleaner MOD APK v6.2.0 (Professional Unlocked)

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
App Name CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
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Latest Version v6.2.0
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Update September 25, 2022 (6 days ago)
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CCleaner Mod APK can be described as a well-known and beneficial program for computers, mobiles and operating systems, particularly Android, Windows, MAC OS. If you’re using these tech devices, there can be malware, junk files and numerous other issues. You can solve them with CCleaner Mod APK.It provides the highest level of support to stop the problem. The application CCleaner will help you clear more space on your device, and help it more efficient. It can affect elements that could affect your device. You also can select between either manual or automatic cleaning. In addition the data that is displayed in the format of charts is important to cut down on unnecessary tasks to be used by the application. Therefore, you’ll be able to boost the speed and performance on your gadget rapidly.

What are the possibilities of using CCleaner Mod APK?

Cleaner is a well-known program that is a world-renowned. It is able to solve all your technological issues on your device such as system cleansing and quality optimization, eliminating junked files, getting rid of unnecessary software, removing duplicate documents, enhancing the performance of your device, and many other issues that are related to your device.

CCleaner Mod APK v6.2.0 (Professional Unlocked)

CCleaner software provides a huge assistance for your daily life. If you keep your computer, mobile and phone messy it will cause numerous issues.

However, if you’ve got CCleaner installed on your device, there’s no need to worry about. If you cleanse your device with CCleaner the device will run more efficiently and smoothly. It will help you save time as well as help maintain your focus.

WHAT IS CCleaner Mod APK?

This software was created to resolve the annoyances on your device’s technology by cleaning your system and garbage removal (supports the scanning and deletion of junk files) and optimizing the quality of your computer removal of unsafe software as well as locating and removing duplicate files, and enhancing the performance of your computer by performing a variety of beneficial features. So, in the present, this software is always praised as well as enthusiastic praise from customers.

CCleaner Mod APK v6.2.0 (Professional Unlocked)

CCleaner gives consumers great benefits. If you’d like your home to be neat, and you should maintain it in order, and your computer is similar. This software can make your device run faster and operate more smoothly just like you bought it, or even after using it for a lengthy period. With numerous features to go along with it that are guaranteed to provide you with a pleasant experience while using.


In the beginning, you must install the software on the application. The screen will show with the License Key to show how the software functions. You can either utilize the free version, or pay an additional fee to get the more sophisticated version. Once the installation has been completed Click Heath Check to complete cleaning your computer. Then navigate on to Custom Cleaner and click Run Clean to remove any remaining junk files and help the computer run more smoothly.

CCleaner Mod APK v6.2.0 (Professional Unlocked)

After you’ve completed the cleaning procedure after which the program will display the total number of deleted files and will notify you about corrupted files, and then restart Windows. Additionally, you can also correct Registry errors by using Cleaner by selecting this option and choosing Scan for issues. If you wish to save the required documents, create an empty folder, save it to the drive, then return to the interface, and click Fix All selected issues.


Ccleaner is presented by a simple, but amazing interface. Users just need to click to choose the tasks that the software can guide them through simple mouse clicks. Because of this user-friendly interface this game has become well-known and is suitable for both beginners who aren’t knowledgeable about technology as well as experts who are still able to utilize it.

CCleaner Mod APK v6.2.0 (Professional Unlocked)

It also includes functions on your device that let you remove unneeded applications quickly and without doing excessive work. It operates on the same principle for Windows. It’s that simple; you have two methods to delete the program installed on the device. Furthermore, it lets you disable applications that aren’t as essential on the interface of the screen depending on your preferences.

About CCleaner Mod APK

CCleaner is a well-known cleaning application with over 100 millionplus daily users across the world. You can increase your Android device’s performance using it in a matter of minutes.

Begin by eliminating junk photos, similar files and duplicate files to clear space on your storage and then clean the RAM to boost the boot speed of the OS and applications. You can monitor your system and browse with confidence to take complete control of it.

CCleaner Mod APK v6.2.0 (Professional Unlocked)

The performance of Android devices decreases as time passes because of unneeded apps as well as files and other. It reminds you of the time times when your device was fresh and didn’t have lags, and storage shortage.


Ccleaner is not only renowned because of its user-friendly interface but also because of its smart features. Particularly, the program can analyse your drive through a scan of the drive and then alert you about how big each of the files are. Additionally, it aggregates virus-ridden files to allow you to deal with them quickly. In this way, your PC will run at a faster efficiency and will also conserve the maximum amount of battery and boost your memory capacity.

The software also comes with the ability to analyze system monitors which monitors CPU usage and monitors the internal capacity of memory, and also checks the battery’s capacity and temperature. It is believed to assist you in effectively monitor and analyze the condition on the machine. For instance, it can provide the right options, such as eliminating files as well as upgrading your memory. There are many additional exciting options that you must investigate for yourself.

Its name is likely not a new concept to a lot of people around the globe. Due to the many advantages of this software I have received a lot of positive feedback on forums for social networking. There is surely not any software that will be able to replace it soon. With this software there is no need to visit a technology store in order to wash your computer. you can do it from your home.


Once you begin using CCleaner you’ll be presented with a simple interface that has features separated into tabs that you are able to clearly be able to. When you click on the tabs you would like to utilize and they impact the entire device. You can alter how your devices perform applications, media and much more. These are the elements that can often cause problems with your device. You can therefore customize the removal of these components according to your preference.


When you’ve got a clear understanding of the things CCleaner is capable of you can choose between two options that you can select from. The first option is to review the data the application provides and then begin to eliminate unwanted items out of your computer. If you don’t wish to spend all day using the application, you can utilize customizable features like scanning for a set period of time or taking out the space you’d like, and many more.


One feature that all users will enjoy is that they can get details regarding the capabilities of their device through the CCleaner program. Thus, they’ll have a clear and comprehensive view of their device that allows them to make adjustments and eliminate items they believe aren’t required. In addition it uses a variety of different graphs that you can see easily. The graphs change based on aspects that you are interested in including device configuration and capacity.


Once you’ve seen the configuration and capacity of CCleaner It is possible to choose the element you want to removed. The first is related to the application, and you’ll find more information about it as well as the apps that you don’t regularly use. After that, you’ll in a position to remove the application to make storage space. In addition, if there’s an unfinished backlog of data within the cache or in a smaller folder, you’ll be able to easily clear the issue.


A fascinating aspect to explore the application is the ability to erase different pictures. The application will analyze the photo’s criteria in order to select the top ones and eliminate all photos with similar content. However it will also provide options to ensure that you do not have to spend time selecting photos like cutting their size down or moving them onto cloud storage sites such as Google Drive that you can connect easily.


Alongside the capacity aspects, the components that affect performance can be a problem for the users. They’ll have to release some of the data RAM is processing, even if they’re not used. You can also stop certain applications that you do not use for a while or even some that do not completely shut down and they are still running behind the scenes. After using the app you’ll see the differences.

What can CCleaner Mod APK aid you?

CCleaner is an app which helps you get rid of clutter and clear cache from your smartphone. It’s hard to imagine the extent to which this clutter causes your device to be slow. If you aren’t convinced install CCleaner to tidy your phone. Then, reboot your phone and browse the web or perform any other task to see the speed it’s running at.

The cleaning task seems straightforward. But anyone who has had the experience of cleaning up the mess in their home might be aware. It’s a lot of work. To organize everything it is necessary to complete the process of sorting, examining each item in detail, deciding what you want to save and which to dispose of, cleaning the rest before putting things in storage in the order you want them to be after removing the useless. The CCleaner cleaning procedure follows exactly the same way. Its clever cleaning system is widely liked by customers. Let’s find out how CCleaner is able to do it!

The CCleaner Mod APK software can analyze and scan the status of your hard drive

Utilizing built-in AI recognition it will aid you in scanning your entire phone and then report on the current state of affairs with regard to capacity. It will tell you which area occupies the most space, and which has the highest frequency of usage… It will also inform you that this data is not intended for entertainment but it will serve as the foundation to help you choose the right folders, files and album that have issues, and place them into the filter list in order to save space on your phone.

When the status is confirmed the system will then automatically search for redundant and unneeded files and begin to eliminate garbage to the person who owns it.

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CCleaner Mod APK software

Do you know the reason why every phone, in the course of usage, gets sluggish even the capacity is huge? The reason lies in the fact that you copy duplicate images, files video, or files numerous times without even realizing Also, a lot of files are stored in the device, but they are not (and ever) ever. This means that the capacity is inefficiently used which causes a slowing down that the system experiences. The main function of CCleaner is that it can solve these issues. CCleaner is a powerful tool for self-scanning and filtering as well as looking for files belonging to the above kinds (duplicate junk files, inactive files).

If you enable Ccleaner to do so, it will erase these files in the form of a note. However, this automated junk removal feature is, to my mind, should only be utilized after you have review the in-depth capacity analysis provided by CCleaner. Look closely at the file components that are not used often and then choose what you want you want CCleaner to do automatically as well as what can you do by yourself. Don’t make the mistake of trying to delete important files that you might overlook their existence on your phone for a long period of time.

CCleaner can eradicate junk completely

It is not easy to delete a folder, file or application from the phone isn’t just clearing the icon from the screen. If you decide to delete it manually, it is necessary to determine the source of the file and then completely delete them. But, with CCleaner the file is deleted from the root when you have decided to remove it. This ensures that you will get the full capacity of the device.

Application censorship

Most people don’t think about this feature since majority of people think that their device is heavy because of the numerous files. However, in reality this feature is important. It helps reduce space and boost the performance of the phone. Sometimes, the clean phone’s storage space is greater than the space cleared by eliminating files, images, and videos.

This feature is useful in you can choose to actively open applications while preserving overall space.

Analyze the impact of applications

Find a list of uninstalled applications to help you decide which ones to eliminate.

Accelerate your Device

It lets you test the impact of each application in your phone.

Easy to Use

The navigation menu is accessible through all of the features available on the home menu.

Track your System

This will help your device last for longer.

Simple to use interface

CCleaner has an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly interface that is the main reason behind its great user-friendliness. The developers of the application create a appealing UI that facilitates navigation that improves the user’s experience.

Clean and sparkling

Similar to AVG Cleaner is able to plan your cleaning schedule and CCleaner will take care of the rest.

Advanced photo optimization

Long-term increase

Background running applications are an issue for phones. It not only drains the battery but also shortens the battery’s life. One of the features that I love about CCleaner is its Long-Term boost feature which to stop all non-used apps.

You can eliminate all background apps with a single click by pressing”long-term booster.

Pro battery life

Mod features

This is why we have removed all advertisements in the CCleaner Mod Apk for a better user experience.


Some more CCleaner Pro features

Fully automated saving profiles.
You can alter the options as you like.
Download CCleaner MOD Apk for Android 2022


Comparatively to other device cleaning applications. This is the reason why. Its app gained immense popularity with smartphone users. It exceeded 50 million downloads, accompanied by many thousands of favorable review on Google Play Store.

The premium features in CCleaner offer greater functionality for users and boost performance of their devices to a new level. Find Your All Search Queries Results here Likeccleaner premium apk, ccleaner apk, ccleaner mod apk 2022, ccleaner lite mod apk, ccleaner mod apk old version, ccleaner pro apk latest version, ccleaner mod pro apk download, ccleaner pro apk, ccleaner apk mod, ccleaner pro apk free download, ccleaner android apk, ccleaner pro apk activation code, ccleaner pro crack apk, ccleaner pro mod apk for pc, ccleaner mod apk latest version.

Download CCleaner Mod APK v6.2.0 (Professional Unlocked)

Download (19M)

You are now ready to download CCleaner – Phone Cleaner for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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