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Dark Steel
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Introduction to Dark Steel Mod APK

Dark Steel Mod APK-Pick your favorite warrior

Dark Steel Mod APK Similar to other role-playing games you are able to choose your character in Dark Steel. The characters within Dark Steel are split into three classes of basic which include knight, warrior and assassin. They are presented as strong warriors, and have the past as slaves. They are the lowest class who fight against the fate of their people. You’ll be the one who carries out this noble task break the chains and take down the dictators.

Dark Steel Mod APK v0.5.4 [Unlimited Energy] Download

Dark Steel MOD APK lets you to pick your character, as you would in any other games of role-playing. Dark Steel has three classes for characters: assassin warrior and knight. They are portrayed as strong warriors, with the past of slaves. They belong to the lower classes that combat their destiny. This noble task is yours to complete by breaking chains and dismantling the dictators.

In general, the characters in each class have special talents. They are able to develop abilities and discover new opportunities in the near future. Pick your preferred class, get started and fight to escape the fate of being a slave.


Overcome your limitations, and emerge with the strength of your king to conquer increasingly difficult and challenging tasks. In a state of insanity You must instantly take action and fight the forces of evil. Choose the right title that will give you the most force. Combatant? Assassin? It’s entirely up to you so long as you’re confident that you are able to do it. After decades of brutal slavery is the time to seek justice for yourself.

Dark Steel Mod APK v0.5.4 [Unlimited Energy] Download

Let’s start! You’re the hero fighting thousands of foes. Do not worry, you’ll be able to eliminate all opponents in your path since Dark Steel will provide you with power. Through the miniature 3D map that is located in the area of the screen. It contains thousands of pieces of equipment designed for you. I am confident that you can easily beat the odds. Your task is to be courageous and persevering.


Dark Steel possesses the latest action game with 3D graphics. It’s like being lost in the game’s fascinating world, bringing a sense of authenticity, an exciting journey into the world of the medieval era. It is a smooth role-play game with a variety of characters to pick from. Naturally, with every different character, you’ll be different in your strengths.

Dark Steel Mod APK v0.5.4 [Unlimited Energy] Download

It is your job to determine the character that will give you your strengths and benefits. Naturally, when you’re dealing with such a massive and powerful force it is essential to have supporters. With the most extensive and advanced equipment, you’ll be confident in your daggers, armor planes, gloves … Take on numerous enemies to gain plenty of weapons and get your level up as fast as you can. If you can, upgrade your equipment to maximise their effectiveness. It is also possible to unify your equipment so that they can maximize their effectiveness.


Focus on the right level as you’ll always have to be on the move, and the enemies will not allow the chance to relax. Dark Steel has diverse modes for every stage of play. You can fight hard against strong opponents to rapidly increase your level and acquire important items that are strong and durable. It will help you become more powerful. You must complete your challenge in the shortest time possible to reduce time and energy! Naturally, for games that require action the primary requirement is the speed at which you play. However, don’t fret when you attempt to improve your speed over time, you will be able to do so.

Dark Steel Mod APK v0.5.4 [Unlimited Energy] Download

Alongside the pre-installed characters of The game there’s also other players that can join your team. Do your best to defeat them and you’ll earn the prize. It is also possible to collaborate with other people to boost your fighting power against the adversaries. You will become excellent allies. Be alert to any unexpected issues which affect your strength as well as equipment. It could be extremely dangerous when you fail to be attentive! If you don’t pay attention you’ll have less chance of recovery.

Join us for a fierce 1v1 fight of Dark Steel Mod APK

Dark Steel’s world of fantasy is huge. It is your turn to discover new regions, through villages, forests and strongholds. The seas are also part of the game. Every location has enemies you must take on so that you can unlock new areas to explore.

The majority of the fights within Dark Steel are 1vs1. While the number of battles is small, you shouldn’t be overlooked. Your foe is extremely powerful. These are also fighters who are proficient and trained in the field. They can defend themselves and deflect attacks easily. If you’re not proficient in the techniques of control or have a solid strategies for combat, you’ll lose in just a very short period of time.

Create your character by using things and the upgrade system.

They are characterized by a set of levels, skills , and equipment.

In the realm of levelling when a character increases his level, he earns bonus points. This can be used to increase the attributes of your character (strength defense, speed, and strength, …). As his level grows higher, he will be able to develop new skills and abilities that attack with more damage, and more critically.

Performance will improve as they advance in. The process of upgrading costs lots of cash. In exchange, you’ll have many advantages in combating the game’s character.

When it comes to equipment, it is possible to equip your character a variety of options, ranging from armor, weapons and hats to shoes gloves, defense shields, and even gloves. Every type of item grants certain attribute points as well as the capacity to boost stats (as percent) and give the character more HP, greater damage, and a better defense.

There are many equipment available at the store, and in the course of a fight, when your opponent is able to drop it. Dark Steel also integrates the ability to upgrade and join equipment. It is necessary to gather the raw material (black steel) along with the required quantity of equipment required for this procedure.

Play against other players in multiplayer to win items and armour, or join together in short contests to defeat Guardian of the Tower.

Some modes you can play of Dark Steel Mod APK

At present, Dark Steel has three game modes available to play. The first one is the main game mode, CAMPAIGN. The player will be able to travel through fantastical worlds. The content is broken down into various chapters. Each chapter comes with its own distinctive content as well as hundreds of powerful enemies that you must take on.

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Equipment system

It is because it is one the main factors that determine the victor or loser. Gameplay offers a myriad of modern-day weapons, such as spears and swords, knives, bows, hammers, axes and more. Each kind has its own specifics, and their strength increases as you play the screen to aid you in fighting efficiently. Additionally the weapon, the warrior comes equipped with additional equipment like Shield and armor, hat and shoes, first aid kit, etc. These items will help the warrior feel more confident and secure in combat.


Do your job of Dark Steel Mod APK

The players will move around an extensive map. Explore the old strongholds, villages, towns, caves, forests, towns and so on. Complete a series of risky and fascinating quests constantly. The task throughout the screen is to fight. Additionally, the game system offers additional challenges like searching for diamonds, gold documents, objects and more. Once the challenge is completed, the player is upgraded and will get a reward of a high value. Do your best to beat every difficulty level. You will have the power of the gods, and with confidence, and participate in PvP games. In order to compete against players across the globe, they are able to show their skills as a fighter.

Dark Steel Mod APK v0.5.4 [Unlimited Energy] Download

Combat modes

The game comes with three modes of combat. In the story mode, you begin in the role of an inhuman slave. Without armor, you fight with the sharpest sword. In hundreds of battles from slaves who are evil, to petty thieves, to true warriors, experienced soldiers or even the army. Of course, you’ll never be able to face an opponent if you continue to make use of that blunt sword. After every fight, the reward will include a small amount of enemy gold or items. Utilize these items to boost your own power. Be prepared to face with more powerful foes.

When playing Multiplayer, you’ll battle other players from all over the globe. They are slaves as you, however, their fighting styles, skills and equipment are different from the characters in the story. You don’t be sure who they are or the way they plan to fight, or what they’ll do. You must win them over for the riches that you own.

If you choose to play in this mode, you’ll experience a loss of power. However, do not worry, the prize for winning is much greater than what you have spent. It’s a sense of security to be able to and win before the contest expires to earn rewards.

High-quality graphics

The 3D-based graphics feature is the most striking aspect for players of Dark Steel Mod. With a 360-degree view angle you can be able to easily observe your opponent and view the surroundings from every angle. The image is well-constructed with crystal clear. The smooth character movements are coupled with flashy effects. Battle locations that are rich and varied, numerous gorgeous scenes. This is a chance for players to experience the world of medieval warfare with a closer and more detailed view. The impressive character design, paired with iron armor demonstrates the power of the true knight. The powerful, varied sound, accompanied by vibrant background music. The more powerful the atmosphere of the fights.

Dark Steel brings a very interesting storyline that will surely provide a thrilling and enjoyable experience for players. Gameplay can help you improve your skills to improve your skills, develop skills, and gain experiences. While doing so, partially learn about the injustices and struggles of the poor medieval population. Take the time to look through the most important works, and countless gorgeous scenes to be found here. This helps you relax after a hectic day of studying and work. Install Dark Steel Mod for the ability to accomplish an important task to free yourself from slaves and the savage medieval regimes.


  • 3D Animations and Graphics, as well as realistic Physics
  • A plethora of weapons and Armors
  • Impressive Special Attacks
  • Many enemies await you on the numerous maps you can explore
  • Events that allow you to earn exclusive and limited-time items
  • Multiplayer mode, where you battle against other players
  • Controls specifically designed for touch devices , which allow you to move about freely and perform a range of combinations and attacks by tapping and swipe.
  • The AI of your character learns the way you play, so it is able to defend you when other players attempt to attack

Download Dark Steel MOD APK for Android

It is not necessary to talk much about this game since the game is superior to other games of similar genres available on the market. Dark Steel will help you have fun moments with its unique built-in features. What are you putting off? Get the game today and take part in combat that is fierce to prove your skills immediately.

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Features MOD:


  • Unlimited Energy

Download Dark Steel Mod APK v0.5.4 [Unlimited Energy] Download

Download (166M)

You are now ready to download Dark Steel for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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