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Duskwood Mod APK
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Duskwood Mod APK is an action game that centers on the story of the lost Hannah character. While playing you’ll be interacting with the characters, and look for clues that will help you decide. When you finish one part of the game you have to complete a mini-game in order for the chance to move on to the next.

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Duskwood Mod APK

Duskwood Mod APK was created by Ever byte which has more than one million downloads on the Google Play Store. It’s not your typical interactive story game. In this one, you’ll take on a criminal investigation and attempt to locate the girl who disappeared! You’ll find clues, talk to people, and even the perpetrators if you are able to discover them. Make sure you get the girl back before it’s too late, and ensure justice is served to those on the forefront!

What is Duskwood Mod APK?

There are many crime-related films and television shows on the market right now. This seems to be the latest fashion and even reviving old shows like Sherlock Holmes. There is always a lot to learn about thrillers and mysteries. If you’re among those individuals, then you’ll surely enjoy this game!

Duskwood can be described as a video game that has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. The game is interactive and a criminal investigation is your key to the investigation! It’s been over 72 hours since Hannah disappeared without a trace. Then , her friends received a message with your phone number! The mystery is now in full swing during this fun game. Will you be able to unravel the puzzle? Are you able to identify the culprit as well as help save Hannah you and your family? Find out more below!

Features of Duskwood

Duskwood isn’t your usual interactive game. In this game you’ll be a part of an investigation of the missing of a person. You’ll need to do everything you can to discover clues, study them and track down the person. The game’s main features are:

Unique game Interactive stories have been popping up recently. There’s a fresh game changer that’s on the block. Duskwood is an original game as it isn’t filled with the usual drama and romance elements in it. In this particular game you’ll find clues, talking to victims’ friends, analyzing the clues , and then try to locate the culprit! Apart from that there are other instances where you’ll need to beat the perpetrators in order to make them appear in the news. If you think you’ve got the skills to become a genius detective, then you are able to test your talents in Duskwood!

Make choices – The game in which you’ll have the option of responding in a variety of ways. You’ll be communicating with various individuals, including the one who kills. You must make ones that reflect your character! This is a game about you , so you must make decisions that don’t put you at risk.

Lots of content In Duskwood there’s tons of voicemails, images mini games and other videos in the various episodes. You can expect a variety of clues that could take you to the end of the tunnel or even a dead-end. It’s up to you the way you’ll look at these clues to identify the culprit. When playing this type of game you’ll need to look into every bit of evidence you can find.

Meet new people Make new friends In Duskwood you’ll meet lots of people! You may even get to encounter the killer, so you must be cautious of the people you are able to are able to trust.

Epic graphics Duskwood is a distinctive game that makes use of real-life conversations, images and other media! The components of the game are so realistic , it does not feel as if it’s a game.

Duskwood Premium Mod Apk Menu Mod free shopping

Duskwood is a fun interactive crime game which lets you track down the person responsible through clues! Get the premium mod today and play all the episodes!


Duskwood is an investigation-based role-playing game.  You’ll be able to monitor the messages, examine on the information’s flow and verify the authenticity of that information with your gut and judgment, and then select from the various options in the game to guide your character toward the truth.

Every choice you make, every response you provide will affect the information other people reveal via messages. The information they reveal is about them as well as what they’ve experienced and heard, and also about Hanah. There is no winner or loss in the innovative game. All you need to do is take action based on your thoughts and play Hannah’s position as Hannah’s boyfriend. Before you make a decision to make a decision, take a second thought. Why? Because the specifics of today’s events could cause a completely different future.

Do not forget to add new friends to obtain more important details. But be cautious because in this tangled circumstance, it’s difficult to be able to trust anyone other than yourself. If you believe in the wrong people or collect the wrong information your judgement will be incorrect, and the investigation will soon come to an end. Be sharp, clear and shrewd and 100x more savvy!

Duskwood Mod APK Unique particular

To discover the truth, you’ll need to keep an eye on an individual character, who is temporarily referred to as Hacker. Hacker is a person who is not known who is always hidden about his identity. He doesn’t divulge even the tiniest details about his personal life or the connection to Hannah. So, it appears to be the one who is aware and has the most vital information to aid you in determining the right solution.

He’s also the person who has proactively contacted you to give you information and ask for your cooperation in locating Hanah prior to it’s time. He also provides encryption software that can help you unlock and look at the images, details and clues in Hannah’s iCloud. It is important to pay at this person Perhaps he is a resonant to the disappearance because his enthusiasm is so high.

Silence is a constant fear

Duskwood includes the elements of a detective as well as the eerie, mysterious details. However, the overall feeling it provides to the players is one of anticipation, curiosity and suspense. This is especially when you text that does not have any background sounds. It’s just the words that appear, and beeps sound each time there’s the latest message. The silence was more frightening and more terrifying as any other ghostly noise.

It may be a shocking discovery about Hannah’s hidden relationship or it could be because someone happened to be looking for Hanah shortly before her disappearance with a strange expression. You might feel that each word that you hear contains souls and can be the most terrorizing souls that you could imagine.

The mystery of missing stories has never been so frightening in the sense of psychological terror like with this particular game.

Duskwood Mod APK exhilarating love affair

However, that suffocating and cruel drama is what creates Duskwood’s exhilarating love affair. Once you’ve opened the phone’s screen and read the first message You’ll never be back.

Be cautious when you give advice or messages you offer. Sometimes, just due to an insignificant comment from you the person you’re with could end up dying. Even you could be at risk at any moment.

Furthermore, whenever you receive a video message from a player your phone will ring. Mom! This is a terrifying feeling particularly if you are playing it in the middle of the night.


The story of the players in Duskwood is based on a village that has the same name as the game, which is situated deep in the forest. The situation isn’t serious when the character Hannah isn’t missing. In the past her friend was sent an SMS message. it contained nothing other than the phone number of the protagonist. Her friends are now calling you and trying to figure this out even though you weren’t aware of the reason.

As time passes, the person forms a chat group. The members added are all close friends to Hannah along with one or more of her family members. After that, you’ll start interacting with them to learn more about what’s happening and to clear their doubts.


As previously mentioned as previously mentioned, you’ll interact with characters who are the relatives of a deceased person called Hannah Duskwood. The interactions happen through the messaging application. The information will appear gradually and then gather the relevant information to understand what’s happening.

It is not clear what you’ll say to this person, and of course, there is an array of choices to think about and choose. The diversity is also in line with the real world and the feelings as you read the messages other characters are sending. As time passes the conversation isn’t solely in the chat room it is also possible to communicate directly with other characters via private messages. The game will come with numerous episodes to enjoy.


After you’ve completed one chapter of the story You’ll be eager to go through another part to see what comes the next time. However, you’ll encounter an obstacle that’s the minigames for puzzles you’ll need to solve. The game isn’t too difficult for most players.

Once you are in the minigame’s interface, it will see a text prompting you to solve the task in order keep the adventure going. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be directed to the minigame’s screen and you will see a variety of squares that have different shades. The number of moves available and the items to gather on near the very top. Additionally the match-three options show up and give a sense of belonging towards the gamer.


Crime fiction that’s real and thrilling in a real messenger explore the novel that is interactive.
Spy mode is used by secret agents to listen to other people’s conversations in the privacy of their own homes. It’s completely free. If you’re not willing to invest a dime there is no obligation to.
Dead city was created by the very same writer who wrote dead city. Duskwood is the creator of the international success dead city’s brand new crime detective story game. Join thousands of gamers in this brand new detective story game!
Updates, as well as other information about criminals the criminal story on the table is constantly changing. The next update is coming soon!
We all love subjects of crime investigation.  It sparks our curiosity and encourages us to think further than we would normally.

Download Duskwood MOD APK for Android

The game is not graphic and no sound. It’s just text, information, options, images as well as a few video calls. It’s a guarantee that the deep investigation and mysterious mystery (behind the mystery that you’re trying your best to solve) will leave you with goosebumps, regardless of whether you’ve completed it.


Duskwood Mod APK for Minecraft is a creative and fun mod that gives players the ability to collect clues and evidence to find the whereabouts of victims as well as bad guys. Become an investigator and use the clues you find to piece together the story of what happened in the area. We hope you enjoy the mod.

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