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Enclaver – Life Simulator Sim
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Enclaver Mod APK is a game that meets the essential expectations of a player to play an extremely realistic and enjoyable game. The whole image that is constructed in 3D is the foundation for you to experience the thrill of living your personal passion. The game lets players build characters with collections of fashion and build homes as well as drive vehicles, and engage in a variety of other tasks.

Enclaver Mod APK v2.3 [Unlimited Money/Acquired Premium] Download

The tales and scenarios are only the beginning and you’ll need to be determined to create the life you desire. Home Street is a product of Supersolid, the publisher. Supersolid Within five days after its first official release, Home Street has achieved 1 million installations with 33,035 (4.5 five stars) very high reviews. Home Street is compatible with the both iOS as well as Android devices. Home Street needs iOS 8.0 or higher, Android 4.1 or later. This app is available on Android, iPhone, iPad along with iPod touch.


Based on your suggestions for content from Enclaver We have launched a variety of new activities that involve the participation in more players. Every user will be required to spend lots of time exploring their surroundings in the process of acquiring an animal to their home, building the largest house possible or welcoming a brand new member to the family. You’ll need to master many different expressions. It will also be enjoyable activities, such as buying new cars for your collection or taking them out into the city.

Enclaver Mod APK v2.3 [Unlimited Money/Acquired Premium] Download

Furthermore, significant enhancements in the features are also targeted. The procedure of launching the system that takes players from the cities to the screen has been substantially improved in terms of time. The installation and gameplay are also significantly lighter as we decrease in size the first version. The issues that users have complained about regarding the system have been substantially improved in the new version. Now , you can test the system.


A character with a striking form can help players score total score points on the Enclaver. Each character comes with their own collection, and they can utilize them and evaluate their own outcomes. Based on the demands of the event or event, you’ll decide on different things you will wear. Every person has their own styleand we’ll supply you that includes a variety of beautiful outfits. Furthermore, providing information regarding the person is vital, pick your country of origin and age. With this information, the system will be able creating new 3D images of the character.

Enclaver Mod APK v2.3 [Unlimited Money/Acquired Premium] Download
They determine the life of the player within the Enclaver. 

Each player has their own job as well as a home and family members to care for. The basic necessities of life will be a bit of a test for you. There are questions to be answered and several options for you to consider. Additionally, taking part in meetups can help you identify the ideal audience to marry, befriend or even dislike. Players travel from city to cities to complete quests, forming an individual achievement system. Every job has its own features, so do your best to make it the life you’ve always wanted. 


Enclaver offers the basic tools needed to create the perfect character. You can create the most striking impressions by using an array of fashions, looks, and expressions. While playing this sport event, the principal goal of the participants is to live a different life and to try out new things. You can now drive your car around the city, shop for expensive things and construct huge homes. These experiences will help you meet great people. However, everything comes down by your effort. Make sure you complete the tasks assigned in order to be able to accomplish them.

Make your own character of Enclaver Mod APK

Enclaver Life Simulator Sim lets users to create their personal appearance. The first step is to select your gender and then your name. The system then takes you to a customized appearance interface. You can pick the hair color and body shape, skin color , and the details of your face. The game will provide you with enough information to make a character who is like your real-life self.

For the attire You can only choose the default style initially. After that, you can earn money and purchase stunning clothes. You will now be your own stylist. Make yourself look stylish, and shop for accessories that match the look you prefer to make an entire replica. The appearance of a person is crucial for later date features.

Do what you want to do of Enclaver Mod APK

As you begin your new life, you are given the freedom to choose your own new ways to live your life. You can be your true self or be completely different person. You’ll discover a different inner person to find out if you can fit into the lifestyle. You don’t have to get up and go to work because the game provides a myriad of opportunities earning money. Naturally, Enclaver Life Simulator Life Simulator Sim allows players to experience a range of different lifestyles. They’ll always feel at ease in the open world and that’s exactly the goal of the developer to achieve.

Enclaver Life Simulator Sim could be a space where you are in control of your daily life. You’ll discover ways to improve it and live a more responsible life. Are you able to control your behavior when you’re making money? Consider the options as you decide whether to be wealthy or become the villain and be nice or get revenge. Marriage is also a means for you to live the most fulfilling life you can ever have.

Create your dream home of Enclaver Mod APK

If you’re working and earning cash, it’s time to design your own home. Purchase a gorgeous piece of land situated in the middle of the sprawling city and begin planning. Are you looking for a large 2-storey home or a tall structure? Enclaver Life Simulator allows you to create your own house , or use several models available. Then, you need to plan your interior and embellish your home so that it feels complete and relaxing. Many modern appliances can be found in the store and all you have to do is choose the item and then click “Buy”.

Dating of Enclaver Mod APK

Are you looking for a relationship and your life will become more significant. In this game, a lot of beautiful women will be all around you. Co-workers, neighbors, or even just a random acquaintance? You may experience numerous relationships however, in the end, you’ll discover your own bliss. Be the best you can be by having that perfect love relationship!

Make important decisions

Interactive gameplay that is intuitive and fun is another in this simulation game. You’ll be required to make critical decisions each day. This decision can benefit you or be a disaster. These could be choices that you wouldn’t normally take. Do not let anything stop you!

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Gameplay of Enclaver Mod APK

Home Street is an interactive game that simulates life. The players begin the game by creating a character. The player can select a hairstyle, gender, and colour of the skin… After that the player is transferred to their new residence that is located in the city. the house isn’t complete with the insides, it has some basic things. Players can alter the appearance of their character and home by purchasing new furniture tables and chairs, floors rooms, clothing as well as accessories… The majority of these can be removed when players reach a certain level and purchase items using the game’s currency.

Enclaver Mod APK v2.3 [Unlimited Money/Acquired Premium] Download

The role of the player is to improve their the character of the player and build a house for him. In order to be able to cover the daily expenses such as food, drinks and purchasing… The player has to perform tasks for neighbors to earn money and earning EXP.

The controls of Home Street can be done via the selection menus or drag-and-drop. To modify and move an object within the house, you simply need to touch and hold the item to select an alternative menu pops up. These actions are fairly simple and easy for anyone to understand.

Decorate your home

There are numerous objects in the game players can purchase to decorate your home. The players can purchase them from the shops and are also customizable. They are not just used to decorate your home but also provide EXP to players. This is crucial to assist players in advancing up. Players are able to move the place of these ornaments within their homes once they have these items.

Space expansion of Enclaver Mod APK

When the human need is excessive, we require extra space to house our families. In Home Street, players can make new rooms, or expand or shrink the space in any space.

The social connections

At the level 10 stage the players are able to design or join the Neighborhood and take on activities during the seasons with the neighbors. Players can also get prizes.

Additionally, Home Street also has several features that permit players to communicate with other players by log in via Facebook. Users can invite friends on Facebook to play and earn helping Hand or Friendship Thoughts points. The game also provides the list of neighbors that players can come and visit them gain EXP as well as Helping Hand.

Another option for players is to trade in the market, players are able to sell items they don’t need or purchase items that are not available from their friends at a price agreed by the two players.

Familiar interactive gameplay

Enclaver is a typical visual novel games that allow the player to make variety of decisions. You must take a variety of different decisions each day to allow your character to develop. Every question comes with a variety of options that are listed below. Every choice you make is crucial in the development of your story. If you make a bad decision a lot of times, your character could end up being a negative person or worse. Therefore, you should create an enjoyable life by choosing the most sensible solutions you can.

You are in control of your life of Enclaver Mod APK

If you are a fan of a minimalist and traditional lifestyle, you ought to begin dating. A new relationship can enhance your life and make it more meaningful. It doesn’t need to be romantic. It could be a relationship with a neighbor or a colleague, or even a casual acquaintance. In addition, Enclaver also allows players to create their own houses using numerous choices. All you have to do is visit the store, select the items you want and click the Buy button to purchase it right away. Of course, you’ll will need cash to purchase the item.

Simple and distinctive graphics

The method used by Enclaver to create graphics isn’t bringing too much distinction from games similar to it. The players do not be able to see a lot of details or even the appearance of text in the game’s screen. The images of the world outside the game aren’t very stunning, and the characters are very stiff and do not display emotional feelings. We hope that the developer will fix this when they update the following version to improve the user experience.

Download Enclaver MOD APK for Android

Enclaver is an excellent simulation game to play It doesn’t bring much change as compared to the standard products. The only thing players will experience is the quiet life of the protagonist. You can alter the game’s content by making the choices you like, altering the character’s life or helping him become an excellent citizen.

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Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Acquired Premium

Download Enclaver Mod APK v2.3 [Unlimited Money/Acquired Premium] Download

Download (185M)

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