F-Sim | Space Shuttle 2 MOD APK v1.2.51 (Full Paid)

F-Sim | Space Shuttle 2
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About F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK has created originality in its simulation. Nearly none of the games simulates the controls of spacecrafts, how it launches and the way it is able to land so realistically. After achieving great success in this first year, creator SkyTale Software GmbH has decided to bring out Season

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK v1.2.51 [Full Paid] Download for Android

2. Many new features were released to enhance the player’s experience and experience. I’m sure it will offer you something that you’ve never experienced before. What is the point of finding the most fascinating travel routes?

Screen for detailed simulation of F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK

In that moment you’ll be able to see on the screen an expansive door frame in order to give you a good view to allow you to know the obstacles that are ahead. Additionally, it has the look of a big control panel. There are numerous buttons available to change the mode for the spacecraft.

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK v1.2.51 [Full Paid] Download for Android

For instance, the navigation, guidance, as well as controls (GNC) setting, by using it you’ll be guided in the correct direction of flight, and determine the direction of flight as well as the speed and direction of your spacecraft the best method. As the pilot of such a massive spacecraft you must be extremely focused and attentive. If your actions are not executed correctly the spacecraft will not be able to successfully land. This is considered to be a error and you’ll have restart the mission.

Multiple viewing modes for multiple viewing of F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK

In F-Sim as well as the view mode that shows the point of view of the pilot you can switch to a different perspective. The third perspective lets users to view an object from the exterior. The view will show the form of the spacecraft and the surroundings. It could be a location out in space, with meteorites floating around or near the earth. Looking at the Earth from space is sure to leave you captivated. The earth we inhabit is huge in the conventional sense, when seen from this angle it appears to be extremely small.

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK v1.2.51 [Full Paid] Download for Android

Instructions in detail

Of course, the majority of people don’t know how spaceships work therefore there is an urgent need to participate in the game. This is why F-Sim offers extremely precise directions for users. Based on the screen with the detailed information I have mentioned earlier in case the player doesn’t understand the purpose of a button, F Sim will solve the issue for you. In addition, the game offers instructions on how to fly the spacecraft. At an altitude of up to 50,000 feet you need to direct the spacecraft’s movement in a spiral so that it is capable of landing safely at the earth. If you make a mistake and you make a mistake, the chances are higher and you may fall off the track and end up failing. But don’t be discouraged. There are still plenty of opportunities to take on.

There are many methods to play

The player can alter the direction and the speed of the spacecraft using the device while holding it in their hands. If you don’t like this, you can utilize a gamepad for it. It means that you tap the screen to alter the direction, speed, or lower the speed. Make smooth tilts that remain in the direction you want to travel. Additionally, F-Sim also has an autopilot mode. If you’re looking to ease your hands so that you can observe the surroundings Press”Auto. Spacecrafts automatically steer but it only follows the fundamental course, and more intricate tasks like the landing or taking off are entirely yours to decide.

Desktop Flight Simulation of F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK

As we mentioned, the game’s creator didn’t make any changes to the gameplay of this game since it was essentially perfect. The gameplay in the game is based on the same elements from the original game. The developer, however, took a major leap in graphics.

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK v1.2.51 [Full Paid] Download for Android

The different in hardware power means that games that run in Windows or Console always run at a high-performance and higher quality graphics than games running on mobile. This isn’t the case with Space Shuttle. This means that the graphics quality of the games on all platforms is equal. Whichever device you’re playing on you’ll get a synchronized gaming experience that features high-quality graphics and a resonant audio.

Realistic flight dynamics

Space Shuttle 2 lets you discover the job of an astronaut who has the goal of landing on a spacecraft and return to earth. We are sure you can’t imagine what could happen after landing a spacecraft. This is the task you’ll be able to do within this video game.

Space Shuttle 2 simulates how astronauts manage the spacecraft as it lands in the soil. This is a task which requires absolute accuracy. The creator has done a fantastic job of simulating with great detail and precisely the actions astronauts must follow in controlling the space shuttle. It’s more than a simple simulation game that you can play on your mobile device, Space Shuttle 2 offers an amazingly detailed experience with an excellent mix of realistic physics as well as stunning graphics.

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK v1.2.51 [Full Paid] Download for Android

The game starts in the space between 10 and 50,000 feet over the surface, and the spaceship is getting ready to make its landing on Earth. The control panel for every year is up to you. Your responsibility is to create the correct alignments for the spacecraft to land in the correct manner on the runway. There are numerous elements that impact the result of landing. Be assured that you will make it to the proper place because the game’s automatic analysis system will take the flight data to provide suggestions for the landing that will be next.

New orbit Mode

There are two aspects you must control when using Orbiter such as roll and pitch. They significantly impact the course of the shuttle. Alternately, you can change to the analog bar on screen. Autopilot can be used to optimize your landing path. If you enable this mode the steering wheel, gear, speed brake and slide are automated. Of course, you are able to fully drive on your own if would like to make it more challenging. For players who are not familiar with the game provides virtual assistants that move rectangular shapes to show the speed of the ship. Be aware of the edges of the rectangles as they are the operating area for the shuttle. You need to ensure that the shuttle is within this zone to ensure that it is landing in the correct area at the airport.

New landing sites of F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK

Spacecrafts must be able to land in fixed places. They were usually military airbases. In comparison to its predecessor, Space Shuttle 2 offers more possibilities to land because there are new landing spots. Space Shuttle 2 can land on Edward Air Force Base or Kennedy Space Center. These represent two newly-opened places.

Because of the high-quality graphics engine it is possible to experience in great detail and accurately the military bases on which you’ll be. SkyTale Studios has also planned for future updates. They are planning to add more landing pages.

Authentic HUD

Control of the game’s HUD will definitely be a complete shock when you first try it. It has a variety of control buttons and various parameters like altitude wind speed, pressure and distance from the floor… This game is highly enjoyable because it recreates the actual driver of Space Shuttle!


If you’re an avid space enthusiast and would like to feel completely real then you must not miss F-Sim | Space Shuttle 2, a game in which you fly a spaceship. You will be able to select various game modes and based on the mode you choose there are places where you can pilot the spaceship and fly around in it. Additionally, they will present you with particular challenges that you need to be able to meet.

You are also able to choose to activate certain elements like horizon lock, HUD that is visible from the outside, and many more , to improve the experience of piloting.


The experience you want the most F-Sim and Space Shuttle 2 is entirely varied, and all feature unique gameplay that you won’t be able to overlook. The graphics are seen from various perspectives, including the cockpit of the spaceship or from a third-person view. In the same way every perspective is suitable for a particular mode since the third viewpoint will allow you to see the stunning scenery of space in orbit or even play the spacecraft in the first-person perspective.

The first mode you must try should be the landing option where you’ll discover a way to land the ship at a certain place you prefer. Particularly, you’ll choose one of the sites available in the game’s display and begin the shuttle driving. There are 2 drag chutes at the sides and the front one will function as an element of navigation to let you keep track of the status of the ship. If the element is swayed, you have to balance it to ensure that you are able to safely land without crashing.

The spaceship will travel around the Earth and you’ll be able to view what’s happening in the universe and from your home planet from space. Additionally you can alter the camera’s position so that you can gaze through the spaceship to satisfy your desire to explore. Thus, each location in the game comes with distinct particularities.

GO TO DIFFERENT AREAS of F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK

One thing that all players will appreciate playing F-Sim The game Space Shuttle 2 is about the wide range of locations and places they can visit and explore. This could mean a place that they can explore freely or a variety of landing spots that you can approach and complete the best performance. Additionally, on these landing pages there are specific time-based parameters. You can choose the ones that allow you to arrive at the exact timing you desire.

The precise and intuitive control mechanism

Flying a plane isn’t easy however, the space shuttle flight is much more difficult. So, F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 has improved the control system to make it easier for players to use. The game provides basic directions and autopilot systems. Participants will follow these instructions to become familiar with the driving mechanics , while having the ability to switch to autopilot for certain difficult tasks.

The pilot controls the altitude and direction of flight that the vehicle is in by tilting it. In addition, the controlling of steering wheels, brakes for speed and gears is typically done by an auto-pilot system. If, however, you’re an skilled player, you are able to manage everything by yourself. In addition, controlling landing is one of the most difficult tasks. Make sure you practice regularly to ensure secure landings in the fastest time feasible. It will improve your score.

Take pleasure in driving in a variety of weather conditions

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 allows players to alter the date of flight and conditions of the weather, whether night or day. This makes it possible to fly the shuttle during sunset or sunrise, during the romantic night , and further. Additionally the players are able to alter their individual flight times. Choose a location of interest and fly the shuttle there , regardless of whether it’s famous located on Earth and in the space.

In Additionally, the game provides a few minor obstacles for you to overcome. They are situations that cause system failure or a tense severe weather conditions. How do you deal with these situations? This is crucial to show the strength and ability of the astronauts. Through overcoming obstacles and taking lengthy road journeys, athletes can accumulate points and compete with their online friends. Even players with good skills can win prizes and medals, as well as other unexpected rewards.

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Super-realistic 3D graphics

The appearance of the shuttle is precise from its appearance to the engine’s sounds and controls. Additionally, the context of the game is vivid and real and makes players feel as if they’re exploring the terrain. Types of terrain like the plains, mountains rivers, valleys and seas are explained in great detail. This creates an amazing experience and delight gamers. For soundquality, nothing is that is exceptional, except for the authentic engine sound. It’s still sufficient to bring excitement during playing.

Download F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 APK for Android

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 is the ideal option to test an unsettling experience. Space shuttles? It’s crazy, isn’t it? You can easily get close to the steering using an automated guidance mechanism. You can have a space shuttle and experience thrilling travels throughout a wide range of places. It can be used throughout the day or night, at any point and even with a range of weather conditions. What’s better than that?

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Download F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 Mod APK v1.2.51 [Full Paid] Download for Android

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