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FRAG – Arena game
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About FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK In May this year, publisher Oh Bibi achieved great success in its online racing games SUP Multiplayer Racing reached 30 million downloads. It was an extremely popular racing games. The publisher has returned by launching FRAG Pro Shooter, a brand new shooter game in real-time and it comes with a variety of fascinating features. The game is known as “Overwatch on mobile” because initially, it looks like Overwatch up to 80%. I think that this game is worth the long wait this year.

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.19.0 [Unlimited Money] Download

The virtual arena of FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

Each game is played in FRAG Pro Shooter consists of 10 players, divided into two teams. you have to beat all your opponents to be victorious. It is a fantastic mix of genres including shooting MOBA or role-playing games, as well as even strategy. If you are not a fan of shooting games because they are difficult to play, do not fret the game is compatible with many players on the control system. You can turn on”auto-fire” in Settings “auto-fire” feature in Settings. After a couple of games you’ll be able to climb into the topmost roof of the game quickly.

For a successful game it is necessary to possess quick reflexes, speed and precision. Furthermore, the strategic element is equally important directly related to the final outcome in the final game. It is important to be able to communicate effectively and coordinate with your teammates, take crucial locations on the map and take away your opponents’ major objectives. Keep the ambush of your enemy in check to trick the enemy into traps and eliminate them. By attacking the shield of your opponent, you will earn you a great number amount of points your side. However, be aware that enemies could attack you at any moment. You can also use your Recovery Box to heal after combat.

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.19.0 [Unlimited Money] Download

FRAG Pro Shooter’s games are chaotic and fast-paced So you must swiftly destroy enemy targets while killing as many opponents as you can in order to score the highest scores. When the timer is up those with the highest scores will prevail. If you’re unfortunate enough to be killed, that’s fine that you’ll quickly resurface at the base to fight. It’s a first-person shooter However, it’s gameplay is remarkably like League of Legends, so plenty of enjoyment is waiting for you.

You must also make an Battle Deck to attack, maintain or defend, based on your style of play and the other players.

Characters of FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

The FRAG Pro Shooter’s roster includes many characters ranging from to 40. The number hasn’t stopped since the development team has promised to add more characters in future versions. Each character comes with their own weapon and an individual role within the team, so your choice can alter the way you play the game, and will also impact the strategy of your team. For instance, a player who has significant injuries and an able-bodied character is extremely unbalanced.

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.19.0 [Unlimited Money] Download

Don’t be a slave to upgrading your character to gain impressive abilities. When you’ve got a solid collection, sign up to the PvP battle arena in real-time to showcase your shooting skills, take on everyone and become an icon.

Download FRAG MOD APK As many enemies as you can

All in all, FRAG Pro Shooter is quite simple to use and upgrade. Moving and aiming are both joystick actions. If an opponent is present the auto-fire feature will be activated. FRAG Pro Shooter’s support screen assists with many functions to manage the character. In a fight you can choose to use five characters. It doesn’t have a concentrate on one specific object. Each when you die, you’re granted the ability to come back and select the remaining four characters. After this game, the side who has the most kills will win.

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.19.0 [Unlimited Money] Download


70+ characters

Different character systems that each has a unique abilities like attack and defense. So, work together with your fellow teammates to make the strongest fighting team. Dan, Dr. Frost, Jay B, Jet Big Paku are the gunmen you will encounter during the battles that begin. Look down, and you’ll find an array of characters with innovative fighting skills. Slime Freez-B, Slime, and a host of other heroes who will impress anyone who meets them instantly.

Customize and change characters

Dress up in a different way, as FRAG Pro Shooter describes it in Legendary. A variety of stylish clothing with a sexy, elegant young look, which type of style would you like to wear? Also the regular participation in combat can make the improvement of characters more powerful. Every time you upgrade, the character will reach a new level. In spite of many stats like Hitpoints, Damage/Seconds as well as Speed, Speed when shooting and respawn Delay and Weapon Range as well as Victory Gold perks. All it takes is just one click to improve the entire game.


Start and join clubs of FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

FRAG Pro Shooter divides clubs in your area and across the globe. It is possible to join the club and communicate with other members. This is also a good site to gain combat skills. With a gold reward of 1000 players can form their own clubs. To be a part of the club the first step is to possess the fighting capability that players admire. If you don’t, the team you build will be empty and without shadows.

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.19.0 [Unlimited Money] Download

The FRAG Pro Shooter is a battle of coordination between many of your teammates. It is a team-based game where you join your team members and win with a variety of weapons. Test your skills in a variety of different roles, both defensive and offensive to discover what you accomplish best. Download the FRAG mod Apk, without a strong warrior select the character you prefer and then fight.


The majority of shooting action games offer intense gameplay that is packed with action, which means the pace of the game is swift and the player needs to be flexible in order to get the highest outcomes. However “FRAG” is different because it requires players to collaborate with teammates while being cautious and be familiar with the locations, maps and characters. This is why the MOBA aspect is highlighted as well as players will be able to take pleasure in a variety of gaming modes, including competition, team combat flag-capture, etc. The variety of gameplay offered by FRAG Pro Shooter is the best part, since players can join with friends or create professional teams and take part in numerous thrilling activities. It also offers vibrant 3D design, providing players an exciting experience with the action-oriented first-person shooter genre. 


Gameplay of FRAG Pro Shooter is varied and exciting. Even the tempo can change abruptly and the player will be unable to keep pace with his colleagues or opponents. But, it does come with an outstanding control system and has a variety of options for players to enjoy the best playing experience. Every character has its own particular characteristics, like the skill set as well as individual statistics, meaning that their control system is unique and is influenced through the system of skill. FRAG Pro Shooter also comes with a great user-friendly interface for controlling the game, and it can be modified to fit the individual player’s preferences. In addition to customizable controls but also the game includes a number of convenient features, like auto-aim and auto-fire for players to take down opponents. 


The genre of shooting is a lot like other genres in terms of the gameplay mechanics, controls features, etc. However, the variety of game modes distinguishes them for example, FRAG Pro Shooter has many options to keep players entertained. Additionally, players can form groups with up to five people and invite their clanmates or friends to battle. Every game features its own unique characteristics including rules as well as goals and limits on time for each game. If players are looking for battles with skill and battles, they can join in a competitive mode and earn more prizes. 


A huge, diverse character system with a rich and diverse character collection will be included to make the game’s gameplay FRAG Pro Shooter more attractive as compared to other games. The players will have more choices to choose characters that fit their style of play, from skills to weapons. Every character is equipped with only one weapon, and has an individual skill set that making them the focal point of the battle. The skills of each character will differ and are contingent on the class of the character as a result, and their effects and performance can differ. However, it is true that players are able to team up with other players to get greater success as well as players need to be able to do their best with certain characters.

Gameplay of FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

Frag Pro Shooter is an amazing game that lets players to compete against one another with a blood-curdling shooting adventure. It has extremely simple controls, with auto-fire features that make playing a game incredibly simple.

When you are enrolled in this game you’ll choose your character (the person who represents you during the game). The player will be using your character to fight and shoot at your opponents.

The game comes with a TARGET ACQUIRED feature, which adds excitement to the game. In thismode, you’ll be expected to concentrate on your opponent and once you’ve gotten this target an auto-shooting game will start!

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If you play and play, you’ll earn the same number of points! Your main goal is to bring your opponents’ scores to zero. To do this, you have to kill constantly, and ensure that the kill as many of them as you can!

Additionally, you’ll get access to other exciting options as you advance through your game. As more points earn more it will be easier to enhance your game, acquire better weapons, and improve your shooting abilities.

Unique Features of FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

  • Fantastic transition. The game offers a seamless character transition, which lets you change to a different character when your death. This is an important feature because it enhances the continuity of gameplay. You can be the player and make the game more enjoyable.
  • Different playstyle. Each character will have distinct ways of playing their game. This means that you’ll have to learn the strategies employed by your adversaries to improve your odds of eliminating them.
  • more than 20 million players. This game is highly well-known! It is played by over 20 million users across the globe. So you are assured that you’ll be interacting with characters who have different skill levels.
  • Ability to Select the First and Third Person Perspectives. How would you like to manage your character? Well, this game gives you the opportunity to decide if you want to use the first or third person perspectives!
  • co-op mode. This feature allows you to work with your buddies and create a synergy enough to eliminate your adversaries quick.
  • Unique Customization Options. You can alter the gameplay to create unique attack and defense strategies. You can also swiftly switch between five characters at any time.
  • Create an team. This game offers over 70 characters, allowing you to build a formidable team. You can also modify the characters you have to play the game amazing.

The Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK is unlimited in Everything Download

The updated version has enhanced features that provide you with unique advantages to take down your adversaries. You’ll be equipped with powerful weapons that will increase your offensive capabilities and enhance your defense capabilities.

3D graphics

Graphically, FRAG Pro Shooter is made with vivid 3D graphics. Animations and captivating lighting effects will allow players to experience intense, but not less vibrant combat throughout the game. Although it is a typical shooting game FRAG Pro Shooter does not include images of flames or gore. Thanks to its 3D graphics.

FRAG Pro Shooter is also created in the first-person perspective with a fun graphic design style that promises players to fierce, but enjoyable fights. If you’re a fan of FPS shooters, then you must not miss the emergence of this game at the present day.

New update in FRAG Pro Shooter

Version 2.19.0

  • Get access to some brand new activities

Download FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK for Android

FRAG Pro Shooter is truly one of the FPS shooting games infused together with MOBA genre which is worthy of a look at today. The game is set to provide players with very chaotic virtual arenas in which you’ll have to compete with players from all over the globe. If you’re a fan of the FPS series, FRAG Pro Shooter will certainly be a great option. It is a part of many of the features shooter games have.

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Other unique Mod Menu features include:

  • Unlock All Characters
  • Unlimited coinage
  • Diamonds in unlimited amounts

Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v2.19.0 [Unlimited Money] Download

Download (148M)

You are now ready to download FRAG - Arena game for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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