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Homecraft – Home Design Game
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Homecraft Mod APK is a type of game where you can meet the needs of your customers’ needs when you design the interiors of their rooms. It is a chance to bring something fresh to these rooms by using beautiful products and designs that are diverse. However you’ll have to invest an amount of cash and have to conquer many obstacles in order to raise an enormous amount of money. It is possible to notice the difference once the room has been revamped.

Homecraft Mod APK v1.44.4 [Unlimited Money] Download

Homecraft Home Design Game is listed in the the Casual category of the app store. This is newest and latest version of Homecraft – Home Design Game. It’s simple for you to download the app and then install it on your phone.

The apps and games available are meant for personal or home use only. If you find that an app download violates your copyright, please notify us. Homecraft Homecraft Home Design Game is the trademark and property of the creator Studio Wildcard. Visit the Studio Wildcard website to know more about the developer/company who created this.

All versions of this game are available on our site. You can also download the Apk for Homecraft the Home Design Game and run it with the most popular android emulators.

About Interior decoration, a sparkling work of Homecraft Mod APK

Of all occupations, Interior Design is one of the most exciting. It demands a great deal of intuition and logic as well as passion and responsibility in the form of art and principles. There are numerous competitions, reality shows and newspapers that are devoted to the entire field in Home Decor.

Homecraft Mod APK v1.44.4 [Unlimited Money] Download

If you’re looking to get more information about this fascinating but challenging job it is possible to play a home interior decoration sport instead of reading the paper or watching television. You’ll understand the characteristics and demands of the job, as well as the procedures to follow from A-Z. You’ll make wise decisions and organize everything in a scientific manner. Perhaps you may discover that you enjoy studying and study this subject more deeply.

What game should you play to acquire all the basics of knowledge and start off with the best positive mindset? The answer I have is Homecraft.

What’s in Homecraft Mod APK?

This isn’t a sport that involves fighting or a superb strategic role-playing. It simply provides you with a fun and real-world experience in Interior Design jobs.

Homecraft Mod APK v1.44.4 [Unlimited Money] Download

You’ll be the owner of an interior design company. You will be able to meet unique customers, who have aesthetic tastes. You can listen to them talk about their dreams, interests and hopes for their new home they envision for themselves. It is your responsibility to meet the buyer’s style specifications. While doing so, adhere to your own principles and personal style in the design of your interior. Utilize your imagination, creativity and innovative concepts to satisfy the desires of the customer to design the perfect living space.

The goal is that only of Homecraft Mod APK

The issue is that your clients are extremely wealthy, but careful also. They earn a lot of money and would like to make use of their funds in the most efficient method. The place they live in is not just a spot for them to rest overnight or to ensure security, like the two fundamental floors of Maslow Tower. However, it should become an indicator of wealth and class that is in proportion to what they own. The house should also serve as a space to develop and define the lifestyle.

Homecraft Mod APK v1.44.4 [Unlimited Money] Download

This lifestyle can be unusual, and unlike any other. A customer, for instance, is looking to transform their home into a part of a forest with a tropical theme. A beautiful woman wants to transform her area into a small lake like those childhood photos…

These suggestions sound extremely difficult isn’t it? I’m not sure what to do.

Have you ever played a game that is thrilling and thrilling? The “battle of the brain” is not for people who are scared of challenges or difficulties. It is important to know what you intend to accomplish, the value you possess, and the way you’d like to demonstrate it in order to build a furniture piece that is worthy.

Therefore, you must to let your imagination and your aesthetic be at liberty to fly in the most fundamental decorating principles that anyone could learn.

Games and value intangible of Homecraft Mod APK

The truth is that, behind the extravagant appearances and weird demands of clients you encounter, Homecraft is still a regular match-3 game. To unlock the dreamy or elegant interior items that you’re seeking You must constantly overcome match-3 challenges ranging from simple to tough. If you can master these mini-games that are colorful and win, you’ll be able to access hundreds of completely new decoration objects. This is the basis to let you freely alter the area.

Homecraft Mod APK v1.44.4 [Unlimited Money] Download

The exterior and interior designs of Homecraft all share the same feature in common: contemporary sophisticated, stylish, eye-catching design and exquisite hues. They are able to be matched with any tone of background or style. When you look at these pieces is enough to learn an entire amount of information on technical terms and latest trends in interior design. This is enough to appreciate the importance of the game you think?

However, collecting things is only a portion of the enjoyment. For an interior designer, the most thrilling part is arranging and connecting all the things in the house. This is to create a grand look for your home that reflects the lifestyle and personality that the homeowner. Put them on until you’re happy. When you’re done, you’re allowed to alter any of the items you like (of course, it will cost additional diamonds). The item that hasn’t been chosen will remain available for purchase in anticipation of the next one.

The capability to automate the game is evident. For instance, if there’s a huge shelf, you can estimate it a bit and place it on the floor, it usually fits. This is for me, an excellent AI feature. It’s superior to other games for designing homes I’ve ever played , and it is the reason why others playing this easy interior design game.

What are the uses of Gems of Homecraft Mod APK?

When you are able to finish work and get praise and satisfaction from customers You will get a good amount of diamonds. Your reputation will also grow (shown with the heart icon). When you have these two factors simultaneously lots of clients are likely to come to you. Money makes more money and the profits of the studio are increasing. For a time you’ll be able to have one house, later multiple houses, eventually an entire block of streets or even a city. You can freely move about in your zeal, doing what you want, and don’t be averse to hearing complaints from customers.


In Homecraft the players will be thrust into an the exciting position in which you assist customers to make their rooms more attractive by adding new features. Therefore, you’ll join Felicity and meet your first customer, Michelle. The process of adding the new furniture by paying some money to purchase the furniture. Also you’ll earn lots of money in order to transform the space into the most beautiful version.

If you first begin to look around the space, you will certainly be shocked by how empty it appears that is surrounded by walls and lots of space. This can be the incentive for you to get started on renovating the room to the style you would like. In addition there are a lot of things that you can find and begin your renovation process for every room. Of course, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the design of furniture used in the game.


If you go into the room of Homecraft there will be icons you can click. If you click on one the amount will be displayed and you’ll need to spend some money in order to begin your renovation. One of the most interesting aspects when adding new items to your space is that you are able to select from a variety of styles and designs for the object you want to purchase. Then, you can make the room look the way you like.

If you add a brand new element to the room and you’ll notice the distinct difference you could make to it. This means you’ll be determined to meet the challenges during the game, and the items you choose to add have some harmony. You’ll select new elements that meet the requirements you have in mind in the beginning, and then your area will be completely transformed as you remain in different rooms for guests.


If you’re not able to come up with enough cash to purchase the latest item in Homecraft You can play match-three challenges in order to earn money and gain access to various things. The rules for these challenges are also simple and easily accessible to all because they’ve been in existence for quite a while. It is still possible to match three at least three elements that are of the identical kind to form matches. However you are able to perform these moves within a specified time limit.

The requirements for every level will be different and you’ll be attempting to design booster elements that will make powerful combinations. You will have to be cautious in every turn to finish the stage. One thing you’ll love is that you’ll get an amount of money that is a starting point, and it will be increased when the number of moves within the level remain. Also, the more you do and the better you do, the higher the amount you will earn.

Daily work of Homecraft Mod APK

It’s not too difficult as you’ll be an experienced studio manager. Everyday as well as creating new concepts, you’ll be involved in numerous other tasks. The solution is to greet guests, and listen to their needs. Give advice and be persuasive for your customers to select your company. There are patterns and imagination in each of the decorations. Ingenuity and creativity will also benefit players. Each need guests have set, you can complete. Make sure you are planning and developing the studio. Brand yourself and establish a reputation quickly.

Unlock decorations

In reality, the game in Homecraft is solving challenges. This is also a common game mode that allows you to discover additional things. Decorate any area of the home. From chairs and tables to beds, wardrobes… Everything will be yours when you finish the puzzles. The arrangement will be scientific and your home completely new. There will also be challenges that are constantly added, adding excitement in the sport. You can customize each home to transform to fit in with the spaces. While doing this you are able to alter the colour of your home. Every room equipped with a range of appliances will allow the house to be more flexible. Select the appropriate color palette that will create a distinct picture of the house.

Fulfill all customer needs

Customers are what allow players to earn money. When you have completed the project for them, you’ll get the same amount. Gradually, the amount of guests who came to the studio also increased. However, every guest has a distinct persona, sometimes even challenging. In addition to expertise, how to handle every guest is important. For instance, a woman would like to make her home beautiful, her garden trendy. A boss would like a tranquil area to unwind… Every person will have their own requirements. It is also necessary for players to create numerous designs continuously. There are many options for customers to select from and for you to design stunning interior designs. Download the Homecraft mod to be an acclaimed studio designer and interior designer.

Many options of Homecraft Mod APK

In Homecraft Homecraft Home Design Game will have many designs and materials to select from. Beautifully colored walls and striking designs. Furniture items like tables chairs, chairs, cabinets and fireplaces vary from classic to contemporary. It is possible to pick and blend them with your imagination. Making them into your customer’s dream home isn’t an easy task also. Explore a myriad of design concepts Explore and discover interesting things to do. Create a home that is your personal design. Earn a lot of money by using your design talents.

New furniture can be added of Homecraft Mod APK

With furniture that is simple that is simple, you won’t be in a position to design your space your dream home the way you would like. Include new designs in your collection right away. To own them , you’ll need purchase them using coins or diamonds. Save enough to purchase exquisite and costly furniture. The more expensive an interior, the more gorgeous its design and color. Together, they will make the perfect masterpiece. These masterworks will elevate your concept to a new level. You can ensure that customers will enjoy a high level of trust in you by the deals. This will boost the credibility of your studio and help it become more well-known.

Mini-games and other events

If the amount you earn through design contracts isn’t enough, then you should participate in the mini-game. Mini-games will help you earn a significant amount of money and will help you accumulate enough cash. If you’re able to play mini-games each day, you’ll be able to earn plenty of money to purchase new furniture. You can win these games and earn lots of money and diamonds. Help you own costly furniture that adds value in the designing. You are free to design amazing homes and rooms for your clients.

Find fascinating things of Homecraft Mod APK

Aside from being a design game, Homecraft – Home Design Game has many exciting features. It helps players avoid becoming bored of repetitive tasks. You will feel as if you are designing there. In bringing you into the environment creates designs that look authentic and perfect. Get the Homecraft the Home Design Game mod now to create the look you’ve always wanted. Design stunning, luxurious and the most extravagant interiors.

Become an interior designer

As designer of interiors, your sole task is to fulfill the needs of every client by creating homes that are in line with their needs. The first step is to begin by organizing the objects within the home to provide comfort without becoming too demanding. The game has a variety of various objects. You can select any design to add a unique accent to the design.

Of course, you’ll be in complete control of the decor however, be sure to pay attention to the financing as each contract provides only an amount of funding. If you go over the agreed budget, you’ll not be able to meet the expectations of the client. In addition, Homecraft also allows players to take part in events and meet with friends and gain more about design.

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The typical match-3 game

Thus, players must complete colorful match-3 puzzles to unlock the required decorations. The more expensive the decoration is, the longer it will take to acquire it. It is true that having significant decorations is only just a tiny portion of the job. As an interior designer connecting objects to create a functional space is the main aspect. Explore different methods of arranging furniture furniture to improve your knowledge to design the next one.

Over 100 furnishings and other decorative items

Of course, you’ll have to have money in your account or complete matching puzzles to get access to everything. At first, you need to start with basic decorative objects to save money before deciding to purchase the more expensive furniture. In addition, the game includes a wide range of rooms that have different purposes including bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen and much more. Each room has a unique style to make it a perfect living space for clients.

Chat with designers of Homecraft Mod APK

As we mentioned earlier, Homecraft allows players to communicate directly with interior designers from all over the globe. By sharing the designs created by them or offering genuine suggestions will allow you to be more engaged when you experience. Don’t forget to talk about questions that are related to design in order to increase your understanding.

Gorgeous graphics

Furthermore to the music that is soft and relaxing that is available is another factor that draws people to playing the game.

Download Homecraft MOD APK for Android

Even though it shares the same gameplay as other products available, Homecraft is still a excellent choice for those who are into design. It offers a variety of diverse content and features that will please a variety of players. Even if you’re an aspiring player and don’t have any prior experience in the design of interior spaces, it should not take long to become familiar with.

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Features MOD:

Unlimited Money

Download Homecraft Mod APK v1.44.4 [Unlimited Money] Download

Download (162M)

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