My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK v7.5.1.5915 (Unlimited Money)

My Tamagotchi Forever
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My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK  If you’re a pet lover and want to have a cute character, and be occupied taking care of them throughout the day, then come to My Tamagotchi Forever. It will be a wonderful world filled with adorable virtual pets. You will be required to complete various tasks to get your character improve your level. Care for your pet as a real pet including giving it a name, feeding it, or bathing. Explore the beautiful world of your character and make friends, without forgetting to solve difficult puzzles.

My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK v7.5.1.5915 [Unlimited Money] Download

My Tamagotchi Forever is an excellent game developed by Bandai Namco. It brings lots of fun on mobile devices. The players can enjoy great memories of childhood. You can look after the adorable Tamagotchi. It is a game with lots of thrilling things for Tamagotchi to do, like eating bathing, eating, and exploring exciting things to do within the cities.


If you are a lover of animals or adorable characters If so, the My Tamagotchi Forever will be your ideal world. The game gives you a variety of amazing things to behold among them is that you have the opportunity to have your very own pet. Yes, you heard that right and you’re able to care for the animals like a pet would on the real world. Take care of it like a mother. feed it whenever it’s hungry, clean it and tidy the area and observe how it develops.


You’ll be extremely busy when you enter the wonderful area in My Tamagotchi Forever. Apart from caring for the animals to increase in size every day, it’ll get larger as you go through various levels. In addition, naturally its appearance will change. Players must play minigames in the game, like solving difficult puzzles, or other mini-games. Earn money through the work you do, and use that cash to purchase more things and food for your character.

My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK v7.5.1.5915 [Unlimited Money] Download


Tamagotchi’s existence is amazing, and it will provide you with a myriad of emotions. Apart from having the possibility that you get to possess a beautiful pet, you can also customize your pet to suit your needs. Explore the world of intriguing towns and cities with your character. There are a lot of amazing tiny things to find that you can discover in this game. These may be small play spaces or houses of friends. Explore the city looking for clues that are hidden; perhaps you’ll find some treasure.


It will be difficult to come across opportunities to do this when you receive wonderful items when joining My Tamagotchi Forever. You can play everything you like, including name characters and exploring the vast world. Participate in a myriad of minigames to make money and build your character. The most important thing you can do in life is making many wonderful friends, and with them, making unforgettable moments that you’ll not find in the world.

My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK v7.5.1.5915 [Unlimited Money] Download


Every moment you spend in this world unforgettable. You don’t just have the “pet,” but you can also have an assortment of adorable Tamagotchi. Play this game and discover every opportunity, and accept every challenge to make yourself a part of the entire collection of adorable characters. Don’t miss any character that range from newborns to older people. They will become essential characters to in a position to create an exclusive collection for yourself.


Your character will not grow when you aren’t able to meet its needs. Food is essential to pets, and you are able to purchase it using the cash you earn by taking part in challenges. When you reach through a level. There are many more items that you can take on when you play My Tamagotchi Forever. There are even higher-end costumes and make your Tamagotchi the most unique.

Let me introduce you to My Tamagotchi Forever

Tamagotchi The virtual-chicken game was created through Bandai Namco on a mobile platform, with a brand new name: My Tamagotchi Forever. If you play the game and be transported back to the wonderful memories of your childhood. You can take care of the beautiful Tamagotchi chickens take care of him, feed him, bathe and discover other things to do around the town.

My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK v7.5.1.5915 [Unlimited Money] Download

Even though it’s been in development for over two decades, and has seen numerous enhancements and updates it still has the traditional style. The only change is that previously, you required a console for handheld gaming to feed Tamagotchi. However, now , you can feed Tamagotchi with your smartphone.

Gameplay of My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK

The gameplay of My Tamagotchi Forever hasn’t changed much in comparison to the original version. Some features have been upgraded to work on phones with mobiles and include a variety of new mini-games and activities.

In the beginning, you’ll be able choose your most preferred Tamagotchi species and begin with the process of breeding. To help them develop into a healthy pet you must meet the basic needs of your pet.

There are four requirements shown on the screen below, including health, happiness, and energy. The color is a sign of Tamagotchi’s degree of happiness, indicating whether you can meet his needs or not. If they’re red, you’ll need to take him to the bathroom or feed him, or let him go. If it’s blue, it indicates that Tamagotchi is doing well and doesn’t require any additional.

Discover Tamatown of My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK

My Tamagotchi Forever built its first location in Tamatown. It is possible to explore the town using the AR mode.

In order to make the adventure more exciting, you can personalize the town with distinctive decorations. Find a suitable place to put your objects, follow by playing Hide and Find with your pals.

Furthermore you can also look for characters that are hidden within buildings , or even in the woods. If you complete the quest within the specified time you’ll be rewarded with large reward points for experience. While you’re walking through town, you will earn additional coins for go shopping.

Help Tamagotchi grow of My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK

If you ensure that you keep Tamagotchi in a good mood and happy, he’ll earn experience points that will assist him in growing. Through the process of growing the system will unlock new items such as toys, clothes food, decorative and food objects.

My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK v7.5.1.5915 [Unlimited Money] Download

A new and exciting thing is that each Tamagotchi is growing based on the care you take of them. You will never know what your pet’s future will be!

Many pets of My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK

In contrast to other pet-related virtual games In My Tamagotchi Forever, you have the option of choosing between 24 different pet.

Each breed of pet comes with their own unique appearance and comes with one to 3 costumes, each with distinct features. You can also make use of diamonds or coins to buy additional costumes.

If you’re not able to afford a lot of money, come up with ways to earn costumes by doing quests. These challenges are dependent on themes of each costume and aren’t too difficult to complete. For instance, if the reward is a sportssuit The challenges will require moving.

One way to make cash

here are many methods to earn money playing this game. It’s as simple as logging into My Tamagotchi Forever daily, unlock gift boxes, and take part in promotional videos to earn money. It’s a lot simpler to bathe Tamagotchi. could earn you money, but it’s not much.

Photographing is among the most important ways to earn more money. Each time you take your Tamagotchi out for a walk and you want to save your memories. Each page of the Photo Album will have certain specifications. After completing each page you can also get the chance to unlock additional items.

While walking there is a chance to meet other Tamagotchi. If they have gifts, click and you can earn additional cash.

A major upgrade over the original Tamagotchi

My Tamagotchi Forever keeps the advantages of the classic game and incorporates the latest innovations of the contemporary virtual petting. The players can have a lot of fun by caring for the Tamagotchi , playing great mini-games and solving a variety of problems. If you enjoy the genre of pet simulations and you like pet simulation, this game is a great alternative in the casual genre.

It is important to take care of Tamagotchi characters. Tamagotchi characters and are able to enjoy the development of characters. The game offers many hours of fun playing with Tamagotchi and having fun with adorable characters, and exploring the city. Additionally, you can create a unique look for Tamagotchi with costumes. You’re sure to experience unforgettable moments with adorable Tamagotchi.

But, the growth of the Tamagotchi’s character is contingent on your attention. So, it is essential to offer good food and be involved in the progress of your Tamagotchi.

Have fun with “virtual pet” Tamagotchi

My Tamagotchi Forever has great gameplay just like its predecessor. Additionally to that, the game features many enhancements that are suitable for phones. The game offers a myriad of mini-games and exciting quests throughout Tamagotchi’s childhood. If you are concerned about to ensure the health of your pet, you should satisfy your pet’s demands.

The game includes four essential requirements that all are displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Each pet has its essential needs, such as health, food, happiness and energy. Tamagotchi’s color symbolizes its happy state. The satisfaction of the needs will be reflected in Tamagotchi’s shape that is comfortable. In the event that the rating is red then you’ll need to assist Tamagotchi by bathing or feeding it, or even leading him out. In the event that the rating is blue, Tamagotchi’s is in good health and you are able to rest at ease.

A variety of attractive mini-games to play in Tamatown

My Tamagotchi Forever is set in Tamatown. The game lets players explore the town in an Augmented Reality mode. With expanding reality, exploring is enjoyable. Additionally, you can personalize the city’s appearance with distinctive decorations. The game introduces an element of construction and the future of Tamatown is dependent entirely on the imagination of your players.

My Tamagotchi Forever presents a lot of diverse things. The game introduces the mini-game “Hide and Seek”, and lets you play with your pals. Minigames enable players to locate hidden characters within the bushes and buildings. If you can complete the task within the set timeframe you’ll earn a lot of experience points. If you enjoy exploring the city, you’ll be able to earn a number of coins. The game offers a wide range of fantastic items. Additionally, you can shop with cash.

My Tamagotchi Forever Relive the best memories of your childhood

This is an extremely radical move by the creators of the game BANDAI NAMCO. They chose to bring a game that seemed to exist in every person’s mind to the current time.

In essence, everything in the game was developed on the previous version. It has minor improvements in terms of gameplay to make sure players enjoy the most authentic experience. Although it faces many rivals in the same category however, we are confident it is My Tamagotchi Forever will still provide a distinctive point of interest. It will allow players to go back to their childhood. The game is currently offered through Google Play as well as the App Store, so you can try downloading the game onto your device and play now.

Find my childhood of My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK

The title of the game is clear enough, My Tamagotchi Forever is the return of the classic pet game series for the market of mobile games. The players seem to be able to feel the still-born feelings of childhood.

In the beginning, the participant will aim his head at the target by selecting his preferred Tamagochi species, and then begin raising the animal. Particularly, you have to meet all needs if you want your pet to live a healthy life later on. Users only need to use their fingers to interact, care for and engage in a variety of things with Tamagotchi, like raising the real animal. It will all go well until you fail to satisfy the requirements Tamagotchi has provided. They’ll sound the “beep beep” signal that causes you to feel uncomfortable, and you must login to the game in order to address the issue immediately.

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Explore Tamatown

Tamatown is a new place that was added to My Tamagotchi Forever to help players be more engaged while playing. The town won’t be accessible via mobile device. It is necessary to have the VR headset to explore the town. Additionally, players could make use of the money they earn to beautify the town and create a unique. There are numerous quests to finish. Log in to the game and enjoy the thrilling adventures that await you.

Find new pet breeds of My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK

In contrast to the original model, My Tamagotchi Forever allows players to unlock up 24 different pets in the course of playing. It is unique in that each species of pet will have their own style and features that you can freely explore. You can also make use of gems or gold to make to create new clothes for your pet.

The daily mission is extremely varied. If you’re a dedicated player you can make use of the money you earn to unlock the costumes. In contrast, if you’re too busy, download Mod Unlimited. It is the MOD Unlimited Money version provided by us under the article. You can buy whatever you want with this game without any difficulty.

Why should you opt to try My Tamagotchi Forever?

If you’re trying to have a pet real life, but don’t have the right qualifications to download the game, why not try downloading My Tamagotchi Forever and experience the experience of caring for the virtual pet the game offers. The main benefit this game provides is that it conveys the experience of owning an actual pet throughout the game. In the end, you’ll feel like things become more simple and less complex than having a pet.

The animals in the game come with real-life behaviors like eating, sleeping or going to the toilet and more. It will make you feel as if you’re raising an actual animal. In the general sense of the sensation and experience that comes from engaging in My Tamagotchi Forever, gamers will no longer have to look to purchase any genuine Tamagotchi machines no more. The electronic experience that they get on smartphones or tablets has already transformed.

Download My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK for Android

While it was a later-developed product, My Tamagotchi Forever has rapidly won the hearts of players from all over the globe. Be sure to take care of your Tamagotchi animals and see them develop to enjoy the thrill of the game. If you’ve used traditional Tamagotchi machines in the past to breed virtual animals, take a look at this experience. We’re confident that this game will not disappoint you from the very first time you play.

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Features MOD:

Unlimited Money

Download My Tamagotchi Forever Mod APK v7.5.1.5915 [Unlimited Money] Download

Download (60M)

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