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Tanks a Lot – 3v3 Battle Arena
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About Tanks A Lot Mod APK!

Tanks A Lot Mod APK: Do you enjoy tanks and tank games? Tanks on the battlefield represent Germany during the war, the weapons of destruction used in World War 2. For quite a while the players haven’t seen any tank-themed games on the mobile market.

Tanks A Lot Mod APK v4.000 [Unlimited Ammo] Download

Classic Deathmatch mode of Tanks A Lot Mod APK

Tanks A Lot! is a real-time tank-game released by publisher BoomBit Games. In contrast to the trajectory-based shooting game that is featured in Tank Star, the gameplay in this game is more immediate and wild. Set in a vast 3D world, you have to be in control of the tank and utilize your firepower to destroy tank that is attacking you.

Your adversaries are not just other players on the internet, they may have excellent skills and greater strength, which is why you shouldn’t dislike your adversary. Keep in mind that Tanks A Lot! is a game played 3v3. In a battle that is chaotic the strength of your team will grow exponentially when you and your team members are close to each other. This tactic is very effective however it could be unproductive if your opponent’s weapon can produce an enormous radius of explosion.

Tanks A Lot Mod APK v4.000 [Unlimited Ammo] Download

In particular, you could make use of tussocks or rocks that are visible on maps. Tussock can be a great hideout that can make enemies unaffected by you, as well as terrain and rocks can block the power of enemy guns. To make the most of that you have, you must be careful to place your opponent in the right places so that your team can attack. The most important thing you should know is that after a time of time without combat the tank will gradually recover an enormous quantity of HP. If you notice that your team is becoming unbalanced, instead of attempting to counterattack, gradually withdraw from combat to restore HP and get back in equilibrium.

A variety of weapons and tanks of Tanks A Lot Mod APK

Arms System of Tanks A Lot! is extremely diverse, featuring hundreds of guns and tanks. The game includes cannons, bombs, machine guns, and even plasma guns to outfit your tank. Each weapon has its own functions and capabilities Therefore, you should pick the weapon that is most suitable for the tactics of your team and you.

Tanks A Lot Mod APK v4.000 [Unlimited Ammo] Download

The first step is to select a tank that is suitable. When selecting a tank, it is important to be aware of your defense, strength, and the weight of your tank. A tank that is lighter moves faster in battle, but can be easy to be destroyed by adversaries. If you like face-to-face battle you can use machine weapons or mortars. Plasmas are ideal for people who appreciate high-tech weapons as well as artillery for those who like to utilize long-range weapons.

When you’ve constructed your most loved tank, don’t forget to upgrade it to make it more robust. Your control and power are the two primary factors that can help you succeed in winning Tanks A Lot!.


With the countless modern tanks, pick the one that is best suited to your driving capabilities. You can purchase an extremely high-quality tank in terms of color, model, style, and the performance of your vehicle. Your tanks are always prepared to fightand are outfitted and made make them more and more powerful models to fight the demands of war. With the new levels, players are able to get more modern tanks, and acquire more advanced parts to enhance their vehicles.

Tanks A Lot Mod APK v4.000 [Unlimited Ammo] Download


In addition to having the right tanks, players need to be prepared with the best playing abilities. It is essential to train regularly to increase the control of your tank. Furthermore, players have to develop the most effective tactics of battle in order to take on opponents more easily. In addition, Tanks a Lot also gives you a number of suggestions for strategic techniques that will suit your skill. Players can also create an impressive force and gather numerous kinds of artillery.


Players can join forces with friends and take part in the game in a group. All of them form an impressive battle group that defeats every opponent with Tanks a Lot. Together, you can build and improve your tanks. Each member of the team needs to assist each other during the fight in order to win with honor for the group. It will help to be flexible, coordinated and devised the most clear strategy for fighting. Each team member must assist each other to overcome the challenges and obstacles that the game has created.



When playing Tanks a Lot, players have the option of playing this game with a variety of thrilling game modes, and won’t be bored. With three game modes, players can switch between modes to play the game in the most appealing and unique way. The intense and incredibly addictive gameplay can be extremely difficult for people who have played to get off the board. Furthermore, you can play in a variety of terrains that are extremely vibrant. High-quality 3D graphics with a vivid sound system have made an expansive, beautiful playing area, which draws many players. In the end, players are more enthusiastic and experience more relaxation when playing.


BE A TANK MASTER  of Tanks A Lot Mod APK

Through the games that the game arranges through the games, you learn many lessons, as well as more knowledge for yourself. As you progress, your capacity to play gets higher. The players must learn the proper techniques to avoid troubles and damages to their tank. It is also a place for athletes to display their best skills and gain amazing wins. Participants accumulate lots of points over time and become expert race masters. It is essential to do to be the best you can to defeat any opponent and achieve new levels in the achievement rankings.

Tanks A Lot Mod APK

This game was created for mobile phonesthat aims to appeal to various audiences with its energy and excitement. No matter who you are and as long as you have a passion for automobiles, you will be captivated by just looking at a few images. Your job is to put together your vehicle completely using the elements that are available within the game. A well-constructed tank will allow you complete the game objective quickly. While doing so it helps you develop your studying skills for careers that relate to this occupation. It is possible to invite your buddies to play and fight on the field with each other. You can come up with strategies, determine specific ways to be successful in the most thrilling method. The most recent version, which has recently been released, version 2.85 amazing improvements make players more content playing the game.


The most recent version brings new power to players, and brings “new wind” to the game. The power has been increased to maximum so that players can alter the method of fighting the with the most ferocity. Utilize power to boost the engine power of your tank by purchasing energy from the shop and putting them in your inventory. It is required to boost the car’s power. This version is also able to fix bugs and improves the quality over earlier versions. Next, this version gives you the chance to change the nickname if you don’t like the nickname you chose when you started playing. Besides, it opens up players more opportunities to receive gifts and more attractive rewards with new challenging events. The relentless creation of new points to hunt for the player’s curiosity has cleverly made a special impression on the player.


If you’re looking for additional weapons it will give you a wide selection from machine firearms, cannons napalm bombs, and electric guns. In addition, other weapons will be available in case you require these. Based on different style of play that is compatible with the weapon you choose, you can select the gun which is most suitable for you. If you prefer playing with your friends or in a confrontation to each other, then you should consider shotguns. If you’re passionate about technology and sniper watchestowers for long-range killers, then select laser guns! The game gives you a profound and wonderful experience. To defeat the enemy’s fighting vehicle, or to become the strongest survivor to the end of the battlefield, the most important thing is, you must have an extremely meticulous and intelligent fighting strategy. With each strategy, you have to be neat, fast, and efficient!


Players are allowed to select the games that are appropriate for different period. In addition you are able to switch between the different modes so that you don’t feel bored. If you opt to play the traditional mode, you’ll be free to blast your way through a series of brutal mortal combat. You will be challenged to gain several resources in battle to achieve the most strength and the final standing at the end of the realm. Additionally, there’s an soccer mode available within Tank – O – Ball that comes with a thrilling tank you can play. To start playing the game, you need to download the game on your phone. If you want to play on your computer, you need to install the game and install Bluestack support tools too! Wish you have fun playing the game and have many interesting experiences!

Unlock new tanks 

The Hangar is a tank players can buy when participating in Tanks A Lot !. It is possible to upgrade to a different tank when you’ve earned minimum 500 or more trophies, or more than 2,500 for special models. However, I haven’t been able to find any information about the tank. It was simply a black tank logo likely due to not having enough trophies.

Upgrade and customize tanks

Cannon Base, Command, and Cannon are the things you can alter to your tank model. A new weapon can make tanks capable of more aggressive combat. Rang, Burst Damage and and Reload is the key thing to think about when you are evaluating cannons. Choose to retrofit models however, don’t forget to upgrade. It is the base of the tank. Good or bad resistance will depend on this aspect. Speed, health, take note of when you decide to keep your tank healthful and quick. To be a commander, you’ll need to be in League 2 or higher if you wish to unlock. Beautiful commanders will be the tank commander.

Tanks a Lot &#Tanks A Lot Mod APK v4.000 [Unlimited Ammo] Download8211; 3v3 Battle Arena

Tanks A Lot! There are many different weapons can be seen in combat. Lasers, bombs and even electromagnetic guns each tank is a fighter with its own distinct character. In addition, the combination of tank’s components and an effective strategy generates an unstoppable force. Download Tanks A Lot! MOD is where you control the tank and must fight to eliminate the largest number of enemies.

Tank battles that are super classic of Tanks A Lot Mod APK

In every tank battle you’ll be confronted with two major challenges: One is to take out the opponent and be victorious. 2 . Your tank could be destroyed and you will fail in the battle. In order to be successful it is not just to be a good player and simultaneously it is also important to be aware of your tanks. Also, don’t forget to take lessons from other players from around the world. In the qualifying rounds you won’t have to face several strong competitors. But, once you get to the next stage, you’ll have to take on players from around all over the globe in an online tournament mode. I would like to suggest to those who want to get more wins you should train with your buddies.

Modern tanks, modern weapons systems are available.

Hack Tanks A Lot offers an extremely varied weapon and tank system that includes the most advanced tanks and weapons available in the world. You can personalize your tank of choice with the full spectrum of colors. In addition the weapon system in the game is abundant with different kinds of weapons like bombs, machine guns mines and VV… As well as numerous other guns. But, in order to buy your favourite tanks or other weapons you will require cash, or even a large amount of it. Making money at the beginning of the game isn’t simple to do. Therefore, you must invest in the most prudent method.

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Attractive online competition mode of Tanks A Lot Mod APK

What I like the most the most about Tanks A Lot is the online battle mode. It allows players to take part in battle and play directly against other online players from around the globe. The advantage for this type of game is online competition can help you gain knowledge from the other players in the globe. Particularly in the time of idleness you can invite your buddies to join you in prison in the shop for water and then join in beautiful tank battles.

Tanks A Lot gives players an enjoyable and memorable experience. The players will experience moments of relaxation and entertainment with their buddies after long hours of intense study and work. The standard edition of this gaming group shows that the ammo that you can carry in each tank, as well for each gun is small. To increase the amount of bullets, players must recharge their game. Therefore, I suggest that you instantly download Tanks A Lot Mod version to play. With the infinite ammo feature you’ll be able to have more fun fighting.

Simple graphics 

Regarding graphically, Tanks A Lot is extremely good using the built-in 3D graphics system to provide players with thrilling and stunning battles. The maps in the game are exceptionally intricate, with beautifully designed drawings by the design department at Highcore Labs. The game was designed with a an upward perspective, which allows players to see the entire battle, and come up with strategies that are appropriate for every distinct battle.

Download Tanks A Lot MOD APK for Android

Tanks A Lot is a highly addictive online multiplayer game that has plenty of originality in its game’s gameplay at the moment. If you’re a lover of tank shooting genre and the classic MOBA 3Vs3 model. This game is an excellent choice.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Ammo

Note to download Tanks A Lot (MOD – Unlimited Ammo) created in collaboration with Modded-1.com. Modded-1.com team to benefit from beneficial features. There are a lot of scam websites that earn money. So everyone must join together in rebuking this type of activity as well as help make the community more secure.

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Download Tanks A Lot Mod APK v4.000 [Unlimited Ammo] Download

Download (165M)

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