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Screen Recorder – XRecorder
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Introduction of XRecorder Mod APK

XRecorder Mod APK Screen Recorder and Video Recorder. The XRecorder application is a program that lets you record your screens or streams, and keep your recordings quickly. You won’t have many issues using this program since there aren’t many features that are complicated. Also, you should take care of the video’s quality and make use of the appropriate features to make the video you would like to create. Additionally the video editing capabilities are integrated into the program.

When is it necessary recording the screen?

here are a lot of non-static activities we would like to record on our tablets or phones such as chat between two persons or manipulation with an application like photo editing, games or Live program… You will require a special application that can keep track of all the events happening on your phone’s screen in a manner that’s easy to use and uninterrupted.

XRecorder Mod APK v2.3.0.1 [Pro Unlocked] Download

Demand always follows supply. But not every program can be what you require or can maximize your needs.

There are many choices when looking for details on these applications. But I suggest using XRecorder.

“XRecorder” is an “four nos and one yes” screen recording application
No watermark
Unlimited recording time
No Root Needed

HD quality is available in XRecorder Mod APK

We are satisfied with the same time by these 5 bullet points are not the only ones. Not all screen recording apps is able to do this. Particularly with regard to the watermark, which can make us feel extremely stymied.

In particular, using XRecorder you can record your screen for free of charge in HD quality (1080p 12Mbps and 60FPS). If you’re not happy then you can choose the resolution from 1080p up to 240p, and then select your FPS (15FPS to 60FPS).

Every recording made in XRecorder is no limit on time, so you can record as long as you like to record for however long would like. Naturally, the more time you spend recording is, the larger the space it will take up and so ensure that you have plenty of available space for screen recording.

Screen recording using Facecam

The front-facing Facecam feature allows you to capture video chats in which the person’s facial expression is clearly recorded using tiny Facecam overlay window. One of the advantages is the ability to alter the size of this window in order to cover things that you want to keep (like you do not want to display the face of the people who are chatting in your presence) or display things to display. The possibility to alter the size of your window is, to my mind is an extremely psychological feature of XRecorder which proves that the makers of this program have examined the mind of the user.

Sound Recording screen of XRecorder Mod APK

This is the primary characteristic of the app however I have placed it at the bottom. This is due to the fact that I specifically mentioned this capability of XRecorder in the beginning in the previous paragraph. If you are using XRecorder, simply click the activate button, and you will be able to record anything that happens on the screen using audio (or it’s not) and the video parameters you’ve chosen.

The post-production is very easy to use XRecorder Mod APK

When the screen recording is completed it is possible to make use of the basic editing tools in XRecorder to easily edit the video. You can trim and crop, alter speed of playback, merging, adding the music, text and brush tools that allow you to add notes, stickers libraries… In all in all, the application is very simple, but highly helpful for anyone.

XRecorder Mod APK Fantastic features

Here are the most exciting features the app offers:

Enjoy making videos with no watermarks

For those who are curious, you can capture your screen and not have to deal with annoying watermarks which are common with similar applications. In the end, XRecorder will give you a better experience for you to take your screenshots and videos without any hassles.

Make sure that you enable internal audio recording

In order to make the video appear more real, XRecorder will allow users to take videos using internal audio. It could make a big difference from simply having the footage on its own. You can now make sound effects available on your screen recordings making the videos more enjoyable and accessible to the majority of users.

Work freely with the brush tool of XRecorder Mod APK

Additionally, with the brush tools available it is easy to work your brush on the screen, even when you’re making recordings or streaming live. It is possible to draw whatever you’d like, or even draw mark on the screen in order to make your points clearer. The helpful settings and features included in XRecorder can make it much more useful.


The editing options that users will be able to experience in the latest version of XRecorder is the ability to live stream with a high degree of efficiency when using XRecorder. With this program you’ll be able to select between two different platforms: Youtube and RTMP. The most popular choice for users will be on Youtube and making streaming live is extremely easy.


An icon for the app will be displayed on the screen and you must select the appropriate feature. The application will allow you to choose between the two platforms above. You’ll need to input some details like title and description as well as who will be able to view the live stream. Once you have completed the screen to edit information and then you can start your live stream and there are no restrictions. Additionally, the app will ensure that this stream across two platforms is reliable and clear in audio quality. Also, don’t forget to adjust the volume settings.


If you’re looking for an application to capture your screen you’ll be able to use XRecorder the application that allows you to do a variety of things including screen recording and even live stream. This makes it appropriate for people who work using videos. The first step you take when using the application is to go through the installation procedure. Essential settings that you’ll have to consider include frame rate, resolution and so on. You won’t be able to change the place where your videos will be stored.


Once you’ve set up then you can begin to experiment with your first screen captures. And the majority of them will be videos of the length you’d like. This will help you to understand the functions of the app and can use them more easily. The function buttons are located within the icon of the application. In addition to the ability to begin recording videos or live streams and live stream, there are many additional features are not to be missed. Two of the features that are fascinating and valuable to many users are the screenshot feature and using brushes. However taking screenshots are no more a snooty idea for a lot of users. Once integrated into the program, you’ll take advantage of the time to create thumbnails of your videos after they have been uploaded. The brush feature can help to highlight key elements when explaining the importance of something. You can alter these two features in the settings, either by enabling it or disabling it.


Additionally recording videos. The application includes a awesome feature that is built-in editing in XRecorder. It is said that editing and bringing all the content you want to edit before uploading the videos on other sites. However they are simple and easy for people who are only beginning editing videos. The first function allows you to cut and join the videos you produce to create a complete video. Editing is easy by using a single layer. After you’ve finished editing the contentyou want, you can think about adding other elements such as adding phrases to introduce the video content. Furthermore, the program can also support an audio store to allow users can add audio to their videos in a snap.


With XRecorder users can create high-quality videos with the highest quality the form of 1440p. Naturally, if you decide to keep these videos on your computer it is also necessary to select a location to store the videos, and the majority will be stored on an SD card. All of these steps are done at the beginning of the program to ensure that when a particular video is made available it will not cause issues.


After some time it is possible to choose from a variety of Audio support like microphones, internal audio and more. After some time, you’ll be aware of what adjustments to make for video production and what aspects should be avoided to create high-quality videos. They can be stored easily and transfer them to different platforms in a single click. It’s extremely convenient when you do not use many applications and your videos are of excellent quality once exported via the application. Additionally it establishes connections to several well-known platforms.


To satisfy the demands of its users Screen Recorder and Video Recorder XRecorder constantly improves, repairs, and improves its performance in updates. Particularly with this latest version, the software offers upgraded features that are aimed at improving the user experience. In addition, the engineering team was able to fix software bugs that were present during the earlier version, and then worked on improving performance dramatically.

One possible fix that should satisfy the majority of people who utilize this app is the problem of dropping frames while recording screen video. This is a frequent issue and is usually encountered during screen recording and makes users feel uncomfortable. In addition, with this update users will not just be able return to their screens, but also be able to capture the screen when using other apps, such as YouTube or RTMP LiveStream.


To ensure that they can provide users with an application for screen recording that is unique The manufacturer has studied thoroughly and discovered that the main thing to consider is the image quality image recorded. Since screen Recorder & Video Recorder the XRecorder application is a screen video recording program It is essential to invest in the software capable of recording quality images.

In order to offer users an image of high quality, the developer added enhanced image parameters to the users will be able to enjoy. By using the application users can utilize the best image quality using parameters such as 1080p, 12Mbps and 60FPS. For those who are just beginning need not fret as the application will allow them to pick and alter the quality of images they would like to. You can select the resolution you prefer between 240p and 1080p or the FPS range between 15FPS and 60FPS.


For those who utilize Screen Recorder & Video Recorder XRecorder, a gamer, well done for getting specific improvements. Based on the requirements and objectives of gamers who play video games They are keen to to capture stunning moments or highlight events. These needs can be addressed by using the screen recording software.

Gamers can now to get lost in the game’s world with ease and the application can help you record stunning moments. One of the advantages is that the app does not limit the time for recording to switch on the application and game simultaneously to give you a relaxing experience. In conjunction with the high quality of images and unlimited recording time, fantastic films can be taken effortlessly by you.


In addition to the primary feature of this app is screen recording application, it offers other useful options that can help users. Apart from recording the important moments of your device’s screen in a video format and a picture, it can assist users in storing the video as an image. It will allow you to make the most of this feature using the settings for swipes or taps which you can install right within the app. If you’d like to take a photo from your smartphone, you only have to follow the fundamental steps.

If you are still unsure about how the videos or images you capture will be kept then this is the solution. The videos and images taken by users are stored in various formats including internal memory , or SD card.

Finding an application for screen recording that will meet your requirements isn’t that difficult? It’s not a problem if you locate screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder. The application lets users capture the most crisp, high-quality videos of the moments they experience on their mobile screens.


Screen Video Recorder It supports recording games screen at the highest quality, with 1080p 12Mbps 60FPS. You are able to record the screen using an variable resolution(240p or 1080p) as well as quality along with FPS(15FPS or 60FPS ).


This screen recorder the XRecorder is also a handy game screen recorder as well as a screen-capture tool. It lets you capture screen as well as record screen gameplay videos without recording limits.


Are you unable to find an application to capture screen without watermark? Download this video recording tool to record screen in a more efficient method. If you’re looking to record screen and record it or capture a screen quickly you must have this screen recorder.


Do you want to record your game, video tutorials, or video clips with audio? The powerful recorder for screens that has sound is the ideal choice. It can record your voice smoothly and clearly.



Screen Recorder that includes Facecam allows you to capture your face and reactions in a small overlay. It is able to be moved to any location on the screen and can be customized to fit any size.


It’s also a useful screen recorder that includes audio and screen recorder with audio. Download this awesome screen recorder that has audio and audio to create your own video right now.

Stop and resume your recording effortlessly

If you’re having issues with the recording, we recommend users to stop the video right away and then work on adjusting the settings. If you only require a short timeout, users of XRecorder can effortlessly use the Pause/Resume feature to edit their recordings. It won’t impact on the final results and you’ll still be able to enjoy the smooth videos.

Flexible recording with support for full resolution

With adaptive recording options that are available Android customers can use the screen vertically and horizontally. XRecorder automatically adjusts the orientation of the screen and the proportions to enhance your recording experience. With the help of the setting for resolution, you are able to effortlessly record your videos using numerous options, ranging from 240p up to 1440p, 60FPS 12Mbps, and more.

Have fun working with the helpful floating windows

The floating window feature that are now accessible in XRecorder Android users can simply enable the single-touch control within the mobile application while streaming their live stream without problems. Additionally, it is possible to remove the floating controls to ensure clean and pure recording experiences with XRecorder anytime you like.

Capture screenshots easily of XRecorder Mod APK

If you are interested, you can benefit from the beneficial screen capture option that allows you to capture clear images in XRecorder without the need to utilize the specific settings of your mobile devices. This lets you quickly utilize the feature to capture any moment on the screen.

Utilize the countdown timer in order to plan your recording

With the countdown clock available in XRecorder Android users are able to manage their data. You can simply set up certain schedules to allow the app to automatically complete the task in the proper time.

You can enable Facecam to allow others to see you

Additionally, you can use the amazing Facecam to interact easily with your viewers while recording your screen. It is possible to show your faces and have interactions with your fellow users. This feature will work well in the event that you want to play games or even react to videos with your viewers.

Enjoy unlimited recording periods

In XRecorder, Android users can enjoy unlimited recording time without limitations. This means that you’re capable of recording your screen to the length want.

Make use from the powerful video editor and image editor

It is possible to cut, merge, alter speed as well as add text, music or adjust the ratio and cut your videos in a variety of ways. Additionally, you can use compress to reduce the size of the video without impacting the quality of the image. You can also modify your photos with the crop brush, text rotate, and other common options. Last but not least the camera’s beauty settings allow you to stream your videos and engage with the viewers with greater confidence.

XRecorder Mod APK v2.3.0.1 [Pro Unlocked] Download

Use various video platforms of XRecorder Mod APK

XRecorder users are now able to use multiple livestream platforms while using the mobile application. In the end, you’ll have your mobile gaming streams and video reactions in a matter of minutes.

Customizable storage location of XRecorder Mod APK

In order to ensure that your devices are equipped with sufficient storage capacity, Android users can now have fun working with their internal Storage as well as the SD Card. Choose from a variety of options available and save your files to any of the locations you choose.

Set up different themes settings

In XRecorder, Android users can benefit from the helpful Dark mode and a wide range of distinctive themes that allow them to easily utilize the mobile application. You are free to choose any of your preferred configuration of your visuals so that you will have more fun using the XRecorder.

Enjoy working with the modified application on our website

With the new version of XRecorder available on our website, you are now able to benefit from the ad-free and free features without paying any fees. Just download the Mod APK of XRecorder Follow the instructions to install it and begin using the application. It is possible to use the application to capture any video you want to display or livestream the screen with no any issues.


Since screen Recorder & Video Recorder the XRecorder application is a screen recording program and it is imperative to purchase the program that can record quality images.

With the application users will be able utilize the best image quality using parameters such as 1080p, 12Mbps, and 60FPS. You can select the resolution you prefer between 240p and 1080p or the FPS range between 15FPS and 60FPS.


For those who utilize Screen Recorder & Video Recorder XRecorder, a gamer and deserves a specific enhancements. Based on the requirements and objectives of avid gamers They are keen to record stunning moments or highlight events.

XRecorder Mod APK v2.3.0.1 [Pro Unlocked] Download

One of the advantages is that the application does not restrict the recording time to switch on both the game and application simultaneously for a more enjoyable experience.


Apart from the fact that the application, which is screen recording feature, it includes other options that can help users. When you’re ready to capture a picture on your mobile, all you must follow the basics.

Finding an application to record your screen that is suitable for your needs isn’t easy? It’s not a problem if you locate screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder. The application lets users capture the most crisp, high-quality videos of their mobile screens.

Professional interface design of XRecorder Mod APK

However, this function by default is quite basic and typically is not sufficient to meet the demands of users. This is the reason behind the creation of XRecorder.

If users wish to use simply press the button at the lower right corner of the screen. At this point, XRecorder will display a virtual key, which allows the users to take video. When recording is in progress, XRecorder also includes the built-in recording.

Stream feature of XRecorder Mod APK

It is among the most requested features of XRecorder. It is possible to say that Stream is now an extremely popular job for numerous hunters, and well-known. With XRecorder the goal being a professional streamer can be simpler than ever. Furthermore, thanks to this option, users can use it to capture videos as normal cameras and streaming live to Facebook ,… Through XRecorder you can take videos at any time, from anywhere.

Unlimited screen recording

There are a lot of applications available these days that include XRecorder MOD. But what makes XRecorder the first choice for users? It is the longest length of videos. Most apps allow only the maximum of 10 minutes recording. However, with XRecorder you’ll be capable of recording for an unlimited amount of time. Yes, exactly. It’s great, right.

High quality video of XRecorder Mod APK

Quality of video is crucial for instructional videos, which require high-quality resolutions.

Screen recording that is efficient and effective

Just a couple of tappings on the floating screen XRecorder allows you capture your screen in the highest quality. In this way, you can begin by setting a few crucial parameters for your video right from the first time. This includes the resolution rate and frame rate, as well as the quality of the image, and save location. The buttons for functions that are available on the screen enable you to record memorable moments. You can also end the recording and begin the recording at any point. This will reduce the chance of error footage and will save you much time editing. Particularly, this app can also make videos on screen without watermarks and without root, with no limit on recording time. This is among the aspects that help it stand out from other applications available.

Editor of video and photo of XRecorder Mod APK

Not just supporting screen-based recordings, XRecorder lets users edit videos using its built-in editors. You can, for instance, merge and add text, alter the size, crop video and speed up video, and many more. In addition editing images with this program with ease using the options available. There are many powerful editing tools to learn about.

Export video in HD quality as well as other formats

The quality of video recorded using XRecorder is very sharp, with the best quality being in full HD. As you are aware, the quality of images is one of the main factors that makes videos appealing to viewers. Therefore, the top-quality video recording feature that is available in this application is an excellent choice.

XRecorder Mod APK v2.3.0.1 [Pro Unlocked] Download

Additionally, the app lets users store the videos onto an SD memory card or on a device for faster search. Basic interface

As a supporter for video recording, XRecorder owns a relatively simple interface for display. While it has several options and buttons however, we are confident that it will satisfy the requirements of its users. The floating window design allows users to use even when working with another program.

Download XRecorder MOD APK for Android

This isn’t an essential tool for your smartphone. If you’re a novice user, then you can choose the standard version that will completely meet your requirements.

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Features MOD:

Pro Unlocked

Download XRecorder Mod APK v2.3.0.1 [Pro Unlocked] Download

Download (39M)

You are now ready to download Screen Recorder - XRecorder for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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